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Welcome back to Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble! After a nice little hiatus, we’re back to review comics and this week we’re tackling Civil War II!



Civil War II #1-3 (Of 7)
Written by: Brian Michael Bendis
Art by: David Marquez

When news first dropped about Civil War II, people were apprehensive. “Why do we need another Civil War?” “Do we have to go through this again?” “Where are my chimichangas?!” It didn’t help that the man behind this Marvel event is Brian Michael Bendis, who’s a very hit-or-miss writer, but a lot of fans tend not to favor him so much.

Once Marvel revealed what the basis of what Civil War II was going to be about, it furthered cemented people being wary because it felt like it was “ripping-off” Minority report. The plot is very similar: Person who can predict the future to a near perfect degree, a group of people use that ability to stop crimes before it happens. Yeah, basically a clone— and Marvel is oh-so-versed when it comes to clones. However, while Civil War II and Minority Report share a general plot line, that’s where it stops. This is Marvel. This is comics (No, this is not Sparta). Of course the story wouldn’t play out the same as the movie. Well, so far it hasn’t.

Honestly- when I first read about this event, I was looking forward to it. I wasn’t excited by any means, but I was interested to see what Marvel was going to do. So far we’re three issues in and… not much has happened. Well, that’s not true. SOME things have happened; some very huge things. But those moments don’t carry much weight to them in the overall grand picture that’s the event so far. While the series hasn’t been terrible, it isn’t big hit either. The first Civil War, by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven, the first issue alone was impactful. Three issue of Civil War II and none of it can match that first issue put together. With the first Civil War, you knew where a lot of heroes stood with the first/second issue. This event isn’t being done like this is an actual Civil War. There isn’t no one faction versus another. It’s more like an argument between just two people. So far, we only know where Captain Marvel and Iron Man stand. The other heroes seem… just there. They’re like the crowd that likes to be nosy and see what all the commotion is about.

It just seems like Bendis has somewhat of an idea of what to do, but isn’t exactly nailing it down correctly. Civil War II feels like a decent event at best. I don’t know if I’d call it terrible or the worst, especially since again, it’s only three issues in, but it isn’t tracking to be in the top anything so far. Sure, the last four issues could be a lot better, but it shouldn’t take the fourth issue and onwards for a mini series to gain any steam.

At the very least, Civil War II is penciled magnificently. David Marquez is an artist of true brilliance. I recently noticed that no matter how Bendis does on a book, wether it’s good or not, he always has the top artists working with him. That is one lucky damn bastard. The emotion you see on the characters, especially Tony Stark, it’s crazy good. You see how hurt Tony is and you feel for him. Even if you didn’t know why he was hurt, you look at him and you feel for him. When an artist can make you do that with just looking at the characters and/or panels, that’s true talent.

Story: 2.5/5
Art: 5/5
Overall: 2.5/5

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