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Welcome back to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews!

Comics for this week: Green Lantern #52, The Flash #51 and A-Force #5!


Green Lantern

Green Lantern #52
Written by: Robert Venditti
Art by: Billy Tan

After a dust up with Parallax and for a few seconds actually becoming will itself in the issues prior, Hal Jordan finds himself against a group of Grey Agents hunting him down since some time ago he made himself look like a criminal to help out the Green Lantern Crops. Ah, Hal… never a dull moment. This is the last issue of the volume as it’s set to relaunch with a new #1 (and title change to Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps) for part of the Rebirth line this summer. It serves more as a set up than tying anything up, though because it’s going to continue on, there’s not really much to tie up, so that’s fair. The only story point that gets a bow is seeing off the “crew” Hal was traveling with for the last year. Besides seeing what the mission will be for the relaunch of the series, we get to see what also will be a point that we’ll see come back later and that’s Hal becoming will, or as it’s put in the comic, “going full spectrum” again. It’ll be interesting to see why that’s happening, as it’s not answered in the comic and what will become of that, if it’s a good thing or not soon. Well, soon-ish.

Story: 3/5
Art: 3/5
Overall: 3/5



The Flash #51
Written by: Van Jensen
Art by: Gus Vasquez & Joe Eisma

Having The Riddler take on The Flash is quite refreshing in the sense that having to see a hero take on a villain that’s not in his/her/their rogues gallery is a nice change of pace. It’s good to have that once in a while. The Riddler has been the mastermind behind everything happening to Central City and with The Rogues the past few issues or so and now it’s all out in the open as he really gets his hands dirty trying to take down Flash. With Riddler, it’s always a brains vs brawn situation and this time he’s really thought things through in taking on the fastest man in the world. The ending is something I definitely didn’t see coming (not that it’s a huge shocking moment either), but it sure will make you wonder how this will get solved. The only problem with this issue was the art. While it wasn’t horrible, the style is very kid-ish; something you’d expect in an all-ages book or on a kid’s cartoon show. Again- that’s not to say that makes it bad or anything, but it certainly doesn’t make the issue anything serious to take, which you certainly should because of the situation at hand. There’s one issue left before the series relaunches with a new #1 (and a new mission statement for the series), making you think how Flash will solve the riddle of the Riddler (tee hee hee) and set up what comes next, if does set up anything. Most likely we’ll get some sort of tease.

Story: 3/5
Art: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5


A Force

A-Force #5
Written by: Kelly Thompson
Art by: Ben Caldwell

The series gets a new creative team with Kelly Thompson (who worked on Captain Marvel) and Ben Caldwell (coming over from DC’s Prez) as the series goes into its new story arc. Kelly is already showing she was the right pick to write the series as the issue was a fun read as it mixed with its serious moments and teases for future plots. But mostly funny which was pulled off nicely, especially with She-Hulk expressing so much excitement to take on a super-giant-dragon-but-not-dragon creature and having her own fastball special with Medusa. We also get introduced to a different Thor, but one from Battleworld (remember Secret Wars?) who just happens to be a dopple from one of the team members. Kelly’s definitely going to fit right in with the book, which is something that can’t really say for Ben. His art seems okay at best and the faces on the characters could use some improvement. Still, it doesn’t take much away from the issue and through his work it looks like he’s enjoying working on these heroes. Definitely looking forward to more as there’s new excitement put into the book that can’t wait to see how it all comes out.

Story: 3.5/5
Art: 2.5/5
Overall: 3/5

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