Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 8/24


Welcome back to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews!

Comics for this week: Titans #2 and Blue Beetle: Rebirth #1!



Titans #2 (DC Comics)
Written by: Dan Abnett
Art by: Brett Booth

It’s always great when the band’s back together and having the Titans back, with Dick Grayson and Wally West especially is a don’t miss for sure. Titans is the series that’s basically continuing on the story that began in the DC Rebirth one-shot back in May with West trying to figure out who’s been messing with their universe. The end of the first issue teased what may be an answer with Kadabra. One thing that was a quick annoyance right at the beginning of this issue (and it happens a lot in comics) was having Kadabra, when speaking, sound like he’s talking to someone when it’s just him talking to himself (speech bubble, not narration boxes). It sounds a tiny bit idiotic and just really unnecessary to have it that way. Other than that, the issue is an enjoyable read with great action that has the Titans of current day fighting puppet versions of their past selves. Whaaaat? Right? We do get an answer if Kadabra is behind this whole universe-messing fiasco, but the real kicker is the last page. Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be what it looks like…

Story: 3/5
Art: 3/5
Overall: 3/5


Blue Beetle

Blue Beetle Rebirth #1 (DC Comics)
Written by: Keith Giffen
Art by: Scott Kolins

Keith Giffen has always been a talented writer who know how to entertain you with pretty much anything he’s written. This one-shot that sets up the Blue Beetle series is no different. It was a great idea to have two Blue Beetles working together with Ted Kord and Jaime Reyes. Their relationship with each other is reminiscent to that of Bruce Wayne and Terry McGuinness, although Ted is definitely way more laid back. And lacks a dog. Giffen writes the two like a bickering, old married couple, which if anything is hilarious. You see it throughout the whole issue; they couldn’t be any more yin and yang. However that works in their favor because that’s what makes them an interesting paring. You see a lot of the time partners who work together so well because they’re always on the same page. Well, what if you had partners (possibly reluctant ones) who didn’t? The real interesting point in the one-shot is wondering who’s pulling the strings on the bad guys, and even more importantly, why? That’s an answer we’ll have to read the series to find out. It’s almost like they want you to keep coming back! Mischievous!

Story: 3/5
Art: 3/5
Overall: 3/5

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