Cowboy Bebop Coming to Blu-Ray, Digital Download



Rejoice and be merry, Bebop is coming to Blu Ray!!!


At last weeks Otakon Convention in Dallas, Funimation made a slew of announcements that would make any Otaku’s panties drop.  How fitting, amiright?  Spokesmen from Sunrise International announced that FUNinmation studios acquired the rights to many series including additional episodes of Fairy Tail, Tales of the Abyss, both seasons of Code Geass, including the Akito OVA and the Banner of the Stars series.

During the FUNimation panel, it was announced they had acquired even more titles, including Toonami favorite Outlaw Star, Escaflowne and the bittersweet series, My-HiME.  Then, just as the panel wrapped up, that sweet sounding saxophone resounded throughout the hall.  The rights to Cowboy Bebop had been acquired.  I’m not sure exactly what was shown but I found this neat video(posted below), which announces Bebop coming to Blu Ray and digital download sometime next year.  Finally, I can get my hand on a box set after all these years.  You hear that Prometheus?  No More Gloating!



– The “Jet Black” Agamemnon

Source: FUNimation



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