Designing the Ultimate Geek Bedroom

We know you would all love to reside in your very own Batcave or Hobbit House but unfortunately we’re not all Lord British. We, instead, must adhere to certain limitations. Some limitations, however, can be bent. Others broken. The dream, no, the ambition to design and build the über geek bedroom of your imagining is well within your power. Now, I know what you’re asking, ‘Riddle me this, how does one go about building the ultimate geek bedroom?’ I can only open the door to your ultimate Geek Bedroom, it is you who must walk through it. 


Quick! Alfred! Find wall space for my Catwoman bikini poster!

You must first understand that designing the ultimate Geek Bedroom is not an endeavor to be taken lightly. On the contrary, it’s very serious business. This arduous journey is rank with peril but those standouts who have truly built something great, have been awarded for their valor. Their triumphs are proudly displayed at Geektown for all the internet to marvel.

Now don’t let the promise of future glories distract you from the task at hand. Remember, the bedroom is your sanctuary, so adorn it in a matter which expresses you. If you’re high on creativity there’s no limit to what you can build. If Star Wars is your particular poison, you can decorate your bedroom with everything from a Millennium Falcon bed to a Han Solo frozen in carbonate desk. If you’re looking for inspiration, then check out geek interior design and see what others have created.


What do you mean, ‘Where do I sleep?’ Robots don’t sleep, silly!

Now if retro is what you fancy, consider 70’s style bedroom furniture along with some funky accessories. What yells 70’s more than a duck egg blue sofa bed? Luckily the fine chaps over at Dreams have just that. Fretting over where you’ll store all of your groovy belongings? Why fret when Dreams also offers a Retro 3 Piece Suite to offer a home to any pants you own which taper at the ankle.

While some Geek Bedrooms are born of fantasy, others teeter on the practical. Others still, are designed to create the ultimate gaming experience. In this case, Battlefield 3, is the game of choice and tremendous resources have been pooled to make the most ridiculous set up you’ve ever seen.


My English teacher said that I’d amount to nothing, but she’s obviously never seen my KDR!

Whatever it is that thou heart desires, your ambition is only limited by your creativity. So go forth and let thy fandom be thy guide!

– Prometheus

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