Diablo Tres!


Ah fresh meat! I still remember the first time I squared off against The Butcher. I’m reluctant to admit that my first instinct was to run; scared shitless, as that chubby bastard ran through my firewall like it was a puddle. I shot a few arrows at him which seemed to only piss him off more, if that was even possible. Once I was out of options I had to man up and attack him head on. Needless to say my first attempt to slay him so that their souls my finally rest was not even remotely successful; he killed me the moment his bloody cleaver struck me. Ah yes, this one of my fondest memories of the epic game that was Diablo! Every day after school I would rush home to play it: piling up stacks of gold and the bodies of those who stood in the path of my warrior as I drudged deep into the catacombs. After countless hours of hackin’, slashin’ and spell castin’, Diablo was slain. For whatever reason, the nameless hero decides that it was a good idea to ram the Diablo soulstone into his forehead. In hindsight it probably wasn’t the best idea since he ended up becoming Diablo himself. Enter Diablo II. The second installment of Diablo was a damn good game. Gone were the dark, spooky catacombs replaced with wide open levels and a new run feature. I didn’t care for the change of scenery but it didn’t keep it from being a good game. The Necromancer class was bad ass; leading a horde of skeletons and having a trusty golem at your side to do your bidding made for an awesome experience.  When I heard that Diablo III was announced I was ecstatic, elated even. I began foaming at the mouth with anticipating for the game. I honestly don’t remember when it was first announced, but my anticipation for the game began to wane overtime. Those familiar with pretty much any Blizzard title know that Blizzard is no stranger to obscenely long development cycles.  After a few years I completely forgot that Diablo III was even announced. It wasn’t until the other day when I was mulling around IGN and took a gander at the character classes that will be included in the game that I was suddenly reminded of the game I so passionately wanted.

A witch doctor? Over ME!

As I browsed the five characters classes I saw something very unsettling; there was no Necromancer! B-but, how will I raise the dead?! Oh wait, there’s a new Witch Doctor class. Seriously? A Witch Doctor? I don’t want to be a fucking Witch Doctor! Damn you, Blizzard.Well, maybe the Witch Doctor isn’t so bad? I honestly don’t know much about it so it could potentially be an excellent addition. It looks like the only familiar faces are the Barbarian and the Monk. Oh joy. I know the Barbarian was a favorite in Diablo II, but the Monk, really? They brought back a character from an expansion pack but no Paladin, no Rogue? Oh well, the Demon hunter actually looks pretty cool. I mean she can do cartwheels. A Diablo character that can do cartwheels; it’s what Diablo fans have been clamoring for, for years!  Oh and there’s also a wizard. I think it’s safe to assume that he does magic or something.  In addition to new characters the overall look of Diablo has changed as well. This incarnation of Diablo appears heavily influenced by World of Warcraft. No offense to Wow. But I’m not a fan of this. Not that I dislike the appearance of WOW but I simply want Diablo to look like Diablo. However, the WOW influence which I do appreciate is the ability to customize your character. I’m not sure how in-depth this feature will be but it sounds like a pretty cool addition.


Psst, over here!


Well, as much as I’ve bitched about the changes to the game I am actually quite excited for the changes they’ve made concerning inventory and leveling up. Diablo III boasts a more flexible character development system which I think will help the series feel fresh rather than a rehash of the previous games. All in all, I’m excited about Diablo III, not as excited as I’d be if they brought back the damn Necromancer, but I’m excited none-the-less.

– Prometheus

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