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Evolution 2013 is finally upon us, and with it comes fierce competition.  As hundreds of competitors from around the world show up for the most anticipated fighting game tournament of the year, I’ve taken liberties of running through a few choice brackets from Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3.  Easily the most anticipated game game to watch at the tournament, UMVC3 attracts some of the fiercest competitors.  But it also means we’ll have some unsavory brackets in store.  I’ve compiled a list of what I believe to be the brackets to watch early on in the competition. 

*Note: All times are Pacific Daylight Time

Pool H12 – 0800 Hours/08:00 AM

Players to Watch:  Zak Bennett, Brolylegs, TA Moons

Moons is arguably, if not most notable, the best player in this bracket.  That’s not to count everyone out, because anything can happen.  My money’s on Moons, but I expect Zak Bennett to blow a lot of players out of the water.  Zak mains, from the last time I’ve seen him play, Firebrand, Doom and Ameterasu.  It’s kind of an oddball team, but it works really well.  Brolylegs plays Nemesis, Trish and Sentinel which I really dig, especially Sentinel.  The remarkable thing about Brolylegs is his physical handicap which he refuses to let it hold him down.  This guy utilizes better fast-paced tactics with his tongue and cheeks than I can with my fingers.  Even if he doesn’t go the distance, Brolylegs is a paragon of mind over matter and a choice example to follow.  Even still, Moons has an undeniably good Nova headlining his team alongside MODOK and Ameterasu.  Moons has definitely come a long way in a short amount of time via the east coast scene, and he’s only getting deadlier.  Expect Moons to go the distance, IF he can get past Zak and Brolylegs first.


Pool I10 – 1000 Hours/10:00 AM

Players To Watch: Drew Grimey, Helix, Adelheid

When he’s not busy making combo video tutorials, Adelheid’s just playing UMVC3 for the thrill.  I’m guessing.  Wait did I say he?  Because Adelheid is totally a girl!  Rocking Taskmaster, Spencer and Ameterasu, Adelheid is a proven warrior in the Oregon scene, so don’t count her out because she’s a girl or anything, you understand?  Also in this bracket is Helix.  Last I saw, he was maining Magneto/MorriDoom.  Not an uncommon team to see these days, as Morrigan’s shenanigans have become somewhat of a running meme in the community.  All three characters have strong zoning abilities, so expect Helix to keep a good distance from enemies and more or less dominate the big body teams (ie: Sentinel/Haggar/Hulk).  If I had to bet, I’d say Drew Grimey will take this bracket.  Drew Grimey is not only a man of mind, but also of muscle.  Dude is ripped like John Cena!  Okay, maybe not that buff, but it probably helps him get an edge in mind games.  You don’t expect a musclebound jock to know how to pick up a stick and start comboing you off the ground.  Grimey has placed quite high at previous major tournaments, so he definitely has what it takes to hang with the big dogs.  With a rather top tier team consisting of C. Viper, Vergil and Strider Hiryu, Grimey has all his offensive and defensive bases covered.  Sadly, only one can win in the end, and this bracket will definitely be one to keep an eye on.


Pool J10 – 1200 Hours/12:00 PM

Players To Watch:  Corimon, Royalflush, Jan *did not attend Evo

Last year’s Evo, Corimon brought Wolverine, Taskmaster and Sentinel for the ride.  Although she didn’t make it far, I’m sure she’s been leveling up her game to get on par with the competition.  Another of the few female gamers, she’s also one of the best lady marvel players out there.  She does seem prone to dropping combos but I’d chalk that up to nerves than anything else.  Hopefully this year, she can maintain her composure to humble her male counterparts.  With the likes of Jan and Royalflush in her bracket, humbling may be a difficult task.  Jan is easily one of my favorite players to watch, and being from my home state of Texas, I want to root for him that much more.  Jan is one of those brave souls that rock Hulk, Sentinel and Haggar; the real big body teams I mentioned before.  His team is so intimidatingly good, you can’t help but have fun watching.  Not to be outdone, Royalflush might play an even more unorthodox team in Viewtiful Joe, MODOK and Thor (a very underused character).  But don’t discredit him, Flush is a very smart player and yes, his team puts him at a tier disadvantage, but he’s so smart in gameplay that he makes losing look hard.  Given his hard work and time put in, expect to see Royalflush advance in this bracket. 

*I learned via Stone’s twitter account, that he and Jan could not make it to Evo.  Boo…


Pool K6 – 1400 Hours/ 02:00 PM

Players To Watch: Marn, LLND

Marn is easily one of the funnest players to watch on stream.  If not for his gameplay, then for his off stream antics, that adorable smile and his knack for killing Guilty Gear.  Joking aside, I never though Marn was a great Marvel player, despite having someone like Justin Wong on your side to assist you.  With his Zero, Vergil, Strider team, he’s just very fun to watch.  But at last weeks Curleh Mustache West Coast Edition Vol. II, Marn went from mediocre Zero player to, “Holy crap, is this guy really gonna eliminate FChamp?!”  He didn’t, but it was an excitingly close match and a great gauge for how well Marn can weather the storm, especially after going toe-to-toe with last years champion.  LLND is another one of those players that utilizes a unique team you’d be hard-pressed to find… literally anywhere; Chris, Hsien-Ko, and Ameterasu.  I know it seems like I’m giving a lot of love to Ammy players, but I swear it’s pure coincidence.  I honestly didn’t realize until now just how popular she is.  Regardless, LLND is a strong player for the team he utilizes.  Considering Lei Lei is widely regarded as a “Bottom Five” character, LLND really pulls all he can out of her to make her look top tier.  Unless players know who LLND is, I have a feeling his team choices will give him an advantage against inexperienced players, alongside pros who haven’t necesarily gone up against Hsien-Ko teams before.


Pool L16 – 1600 Hours/ 04:00 PM

Players To Watch: Nemo, Mike Ross, Floe

This is hands down the most exciting bracket for me.  For the past few weeks, there’s been talk and hype about Nemo, a Japanese player looking to blow up the American scene.  I will say Nemo is good, but I’m not so sure about blowing players up.  But hey, it’s Marvel and anything can happen.  Nemo has a really strong Nova/Spencer duo, but what really makes his team stands out is Doctor Strange.  I really enjoy Nemo’s Doctor Strange gameplay, one because Strange is a rarely used character, and two because he’s rarely played with faultless combos.  Nemo utilizes Strange to his fullest capabilities, along with synching him with his superior Nova and Spencer.  Nemo is definitely Top 8 material.  But he can’t get there without beating the likes of Mike Ross and Floe.  Mike Ross definitely comes in as the underdog, but I’m sure the “greatest that ever played” wouldn’t have it any other way.  Mike Ross also uses an unconventional team in Hulk, Storm and Sentinel.  Although I don’t see Mike Ross as a huge threat, I don’t think other players will either, and I think that will make him an unsuspecting, deadly match up.  What Mike Ross giveth, he shall taketh away.  Floe is another deadly veteran in this bracket.  My concern with Floe is that he never really seemed to take this game seriously, at least not as serious as he seems to be with Street Fighter 4.  The fact that he’s still so naturally good is what really makes him a threat, and much like Marn, he could surprise a lot of people this weekend.  Another problem opponents have to look for is Floe versatility with a multitude of characters.  Although he’s recently mained Nova, Vergil and Hawkeye at the VxG quals, he’s been known to use Nemesis and Strider with great skill.  Along with his knack for reading weaknesses and his speedy zoning abilities, FLoe is definitely someone to watchout for.  Plus, Floeface!

Other well-known player likely to hit the main stage, but don’t seem to have been placed in difficult brackets due to seeding, are in the list below.  Who are you hoping to see today?  Who do you see winning? Losing?  Hit the comments section and let us know!

Flocker – H1 #3 seeded
Wentinel – H6
Honzo Gonzo – H8
NerdJosh – H9
Dios X – H10
Stone – H16 *Did not attend Evo
James Chen – H16
Danke – I4
FChamp – I5 #4 Seeded
basedpotmonster – I6
Fanatiq – I8
Alex Valle – I13
Abegen – I15
Justin Wong – I16 #5 Seeded
DJ Huoshen – J2
Killer Kai – J3
Clockwork – J6
Marlinpie – J7
Momochi – J8
Pr Balrog – J9 #2 seeded
omgitzandre – K2
Kane Blueriver – K3 #7 seeded
Tokido – K4
Viscant – K7
Xian – K8
Mamespider – K9
Angelic – K11
Chris G – K13 #1 Seeded
Fubarduck – K17
Unknown – L2
b3nz0r – L5
RayRay – L6
Ranmasama – L7 #6 Seeded



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