Come See My Friends!


          Over the years, we’ve met some pretty great people, and collaborated with some of the best, local talent we could have ever hoped for.  As our journey continues, we continue to find more talented artists, and creative cosplayers, but some have not only shown their love for us, they also believe in us, and for that, this page is just a small thanks to those who have watched us grow, and are actually brave enough to recommend our raunchy ass podcast to their friends.  Please support these talented artisans and their respective crafts.  It’s hard work, and a small dose of appreciation goes a long way.


jfclogoThe Art of John J. Freeze

The first artist we ever collaborated with, John J. Freeze defined the style and art direction for the PTWoR crew.  While we are always trying to find new artists to collaborate with, John’s fun, chibi style and ever-evolving talents always beckons us back with a grocery list of commissions.  And while we recommend you checking his art and a potential commission or two, his blog is chalk full of television and music recommendations you’ll be sure to enjoy.  At the very least, if you’re not hunkering for a commission just yet, definitely drop his blog into your RSS feed. Touch the link to follow his blog post, or contact him directly at;  


MastersoftheObviousThe Works of Dan Price

When he’s not writing insane stories that ravage space and time, with subtle, as well as, well… obvious innuendos, Dan Price is doing some other insanely, creative project with the help of his artistic counterpart, Bonn Adame.  The PTWoR crew has interviewed this creative duo, not once, but twice, and we only regretted it never!  We first met Dan at the Austin Nerd Cave Showcase, with his taboo comic; The Latex Avenger.  When he’s not defeating crime 99.9% of the time, he’s creating the ever-increasing-in-popularity, Masters of the Obvious!  When your done having your mind blown by the exploits of Dr. Biclops and the Visible Woman(you can’t miss her), he’s helping raise awareness and fighting against illiteracy with Excelsi-ish! The Uphill Adventures of a Boy Named Stanley.  If you haven’t heard of Dan Price, do yourself a favor and order a comic, or say hello to him at convention.  He’s one of the coolest guys you haven’t met.



Chris-Rachel Oseland

When she’s not too busy being a stunning one-third of the Extra Ordi-Nerdy trio, she’s busy saving the world from bland, flavorless food with no geeky appeal.  She is Chris-Rachel, Your Kitchen Overlord, and she will lay magnificence on your taste buds!  Author of such incredible books, like Counting with Tesla, and Dining with the Doctor: the Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook, Chris-Rachel is also an incredibly, hyperactive tv personality who will surely brighten your day.  I say that with admiration!  If you’re feeling like a Steampunk themed cocktail, or a rousing game of Carbs Against Humanity, be sure to subscribe to her Youtube, and check out her Amazon profile for some incredible reading material.


MTRMy Take Radio

About 5 years ago, a young, aspiring, man by the name of Richard Butler, began a weary, unknown podcast called My Take Radio.  As the years passed, his podcast grew in audience, and in quality, eventually hooking up with the GFQ Network.  Richard is constantly keeping his plate full, now splitting his podcast over 2 days, still 4 hours long a piece; one on Wednesday evenings, and the other on Thursday evenings.  Richard, along with his hand-picked team of reviewers, covers a wide range of topics from pro wrestling and mma, to video games and collectibles.  He recently launched his new site, Rageworks; just hit the link above. We were honored to be guests on Rich’s podcast, Behind The Mic, since the guy has done interviews with people way more talented than us!  Cung Le much?  How about Diamond Dallas Page?!  The guy covers everything, and somehow fails to spread himself too thin.  If you want to learn how to podcast like a pro, listen to MTR live when you’re free on a Thursday evening.  Rich is one of the hardest working podcasters I know, and his voice is quite pleasing to the ear.  Especially if you like a thick New York accent.  



 Staple! Independent Media Expo

Comic conventions are always fun places to go, but the major ones just don’t beat the local, homegrown conventions organized by you fellow city denizens who know the right people around town, and around the state, to gather all this incredible talent under one roof, if only for a weekend.  Staple! Con is that kind of convention.�� Founded by Uncle Staple almost 11 years ago, Staple has become, well, a staple in the local Austin geek community, sponsored by other geeky businesses like Austin  Books & Comics and Dragon’s Lair.  However, Staple! is more than just a sweet place to find your next geeky art piece.  From what I gathered last year, it’s very much a place for old friends to play catch, new friends to be made, and everyone getting together in the evening for a hell of a pub crawl.  The next Staple! Con will be March 7-8, 2015, and tickets are super cheap!�� The website also touts one of them fancy Anti-harassment policies, so you know the organizers got your back.  Staple! Con is safe, fun, inviting, and for EVERYONE.


AnomalyLogo3-940x415_2Anomaly Podcast

Founded in 2007, by Jen and Angela, the Anomaly Podcast is all about fun and entertainment while giving thoughtful opinions about their favorite geeky shows.  As they establish themselves as a premiere geek-girl geared podcast, the two ladies discuss a wide range of topics, ranging from their favorite sci-fi books and tv shows, to cosplay advice and renaissance festival discussions.  As the podcast grew in popularity, so too did their staff, adding Kasey, Sue, Sarah, Anne, Lynn and Michele.  As they added more staff, they also added a slew of awesome content, including the Anomaly Supplemental and Anomalous Musings column, to the website.  These ladies are the Iron Chef’s of Geekdom, so be weary when challenging them to a nerd-off.  “… and I am an Anomaly.”



Blood Ocean 07

Establishing his Youtube page in 2007, a young BloodOcean was merely a blood puddle, playing video game music, and hosting a few game play footage videos and holiday gatherings.  Then, out of the clear red, he became an angry ocean of hardcore Let’s Plays.  His first victim; Metroid Prime.  It’s safe to say Blood Ocean is a Nintendo fan boy, but to say he’s inherently biased, well you have to be quite the ignoramus.  While it’s true he loves his Nintendo, he’s not one to shy away from a few AAA-titles on other platforms, and he’s quite the knowledgeable chap, when it comes down to video games.  You can scan through a virtual library of his videos via his Youtube channel, and watch some great walkthroughs of some of your favorite Nintendo games including Resident Evil and Mario Kart, but if you’re looking for some next-gen goodness, look out for his future stuff; I’m sure he’ll have some Smash Bros and Bayonetta 2 in store for us all!  


Tyler Tooned Cover Banner squintier The Art of Tyler Richlen

Don’t let the mohawk fool you… actually I don’t know why it would, or should.���� In any case, Tyler Richlen is probably one of the coolest, sweetest and scariest men I know, and I say that having(quite unknowingly) narrowly avoided a head kick…during a kickboxing session.  However, we’re not here to talk about his legs, which are made from some advanced technology, we’re here talk talk about his incredible art!�� Although he has quite a few commissions under his belt, I knew his art best during his time on, as an animator.  Yeah, that’s right, not only does he art(noun), he also animates!  So if you’re looking for a great commission from an artist who can meet your deadline, and is highly flexible with any changes you need made, it’s safe to say Tyler is the man for the job.  Did I mention he can kick heads off of shoulders?


Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 11.42.19 PM

Socially Awkward Studios

Originally known as Four-Eyed Radio, SAS is a podcast coalition of excellence, bringing diplomacy to the masses, in the form of audio candy goodness.  You like Halloween?  For your ears?  Then you need to go to their website and check out all the incredible podcasts you could be listening to, instead of watching your boring television.  It’s bad for your eyes, anyway.  As an example, you can find us as part of this coalition, along with other entertaining podcasts such as Arcade Bros, Approriately Inappropriate and the Starfleet Escape Podcast.  If you’re socially awkward, chances are they have the podcast right for you.