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Before I get into my first review of the year, I just want to give a shoutout to Tribe Comics and Games for keeping me heavily supplied with comics every week… and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  I hope, through sheer force of willpower, you make your resolutions come to fruition.  I’d also like to say thanks for accompanying us along for the ride, and we hope you stay just a bit longer.  Without you few, we’d still be doing this, but it wouldn’t be as fun.

Issue #10 in the series kicks off with a bit of girl talk, if you will, between Angela and Gamora.  There’s almost this Goku/Vegeta rivalry going on, and that makes me love it.  The banter itself is about as run-of-the-mill as Bendis gets.  Show a little range there, Brian!

The femme fatales begin an assault on the Badoon’s home world, which is wrought with slaves yearning to be freed.  While trying to find clues as to Thanos’ whereabouts, the duo splits up only to come up empty-handed.  One of the Badoon commanders recognizes Angela’s “kind,” wondering why she would attack when there was a pact between her “people” and the Badoon.  A mind-blown Angela begins shouting for answers, which somehow results in the Badoon commanders’ death.  I don’t know why, but his death really bothers me.  Star Lord interjects that the Badoon commander thought she was a different super-intelligent intergalactic species, when suddenly another badoon grunt thought to be dead mumbles that Thanos is on Earth.  With everyone now properly befuddled, the crew leaves the planet, having freed countless slaves, and one less Badoon slave camp in the universe.

Now I know GotG isn’t the only series to suffer from this, which is partly the problem, but I have trouble reading this and wondering what in bloody blazes is going on.  I’m not participating in the crossover events anymore, not since I got duped and outraged by Civil War.  With that said, I feel like Marvel is punishing me for not buying into the crossovers or big events.  I had a similar effect with (- adj.) X-Men and the whole Battle of the Atom.  From the onset, they were fighting SkyNet and suddenly it’s all messily swept under the rug so I can read one issue about a walking Xavier, Xorn Grey (ugh!), the offspring of Mystique/Wolverine, 4 Icemans and 2 Cyclops’s and I think they all hate each other.  It was a disaster!  And you know it’s a disaster when Wolverine is lying on the verge of death, because his healing factor wasn’t working for reasons only known to those who follow specific comics.  Then the next issue, it was like none of that mattered.  Precisely because it didn’t.

I’m not saying GotG is as convoluted as X-Men, that’s just damn near impossible.  My gripe is simply this; “Keep the big events away from the ongoings!”  Listen, I get that Thanos and Star Lord got a ‘thing’ to settle because ‘something’ happened in an alternate universe where they should have been killed.  But just like the handful of issues of Captain Marvel, the Infinity War tie-ins did nothing to progress the current story at hand.  The main difference between the two titles is that Kelly Sue knows how to roll with the punches and rocked that story like a hurricane, while elaborating on Carol finding herself amidst the chaos.  Bendis?  Eh. He’s very… familiar in his writings.  You know, in actuality, aside from trying to kill Thanos, I have no idea why their story is even relevant.  Iron Man’s not even in the story anymore!  I was hoping for a mid-2000’s Nova-ish series, where the crew traverses the galaxy getting into wacky adventures, meeting lovable talking dogs, and stuff.  Maybe even like Marvel’s version of Firefly.  Instead, the series is only mildly fun, with petering characterization that almost blends into each character in a very uncomplimentary sort of way.  And I don’t know if that’s the worst of it, or the fact that the next issue introduces the First Class X-Men into the series.  Ugh.  At  least the art’s good.  Bravo, Maguire.  But what’s up with Peter’s mop top???


– The “Galactic” Agamemnon


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