Hideo Kojima wants to bring “sexy” back for Metal Gear Solid V


As if the gameplay footage for Metal Gear Solid V wasn’t enough to get you excited, Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima has stated that he’s directed Yoji Shinkawa, who’s responsible for the character designs, to make the characters “sexy”. Kojima had previous stated that he wanted his characters to be “more erotic”, but he’s since clarified that. Kind of. Whether the characters in Metal Gear Solid V will be more erotic or just plain sexy, he cited his reason for the change as wanting to encourage more cosplay of his characters as well as to increase sales of action figures.

I’m a fan of cosplay, action figures, and all things sexy so I could definitely see where Kojima was coming from and I was initially on board with his edict to bring sexy back. That is, until I saw just what Quiet, a new sniper character in the Metal Gear Solid series, is actually going to look like. A picture is worth a thousand words so I’ll let take a gander.


Look, I don’t have an issue with characters being “sexualized”. I understand that there are plenty of people who do, and with good reason, but I’m not one of them. Even so I was pretty stunned at the absurd character design for Quiet. There’s making a character “sexy” and then there’s the ridiculous garb that they choose for Quiet.

Hideo Kojima also tweeted that “once you recognize the secret reason for her exposure, you will feel ashamed of your words & deeds.” While I’m sure there will be a plausible explanation as to why Quiet has the most impractical costume ever to grace the Metal Gear Solid series, I think it’s interesting that Kojima felt that his characters needed to be made even sexier to begin with. Perhaps Kojima forgot about Eva from Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater. That’s Amie Lynn cosplaying as her below, on the right. I guess all practicality must be eliminated from a costume for it to be deemed sexy if Eva didn’t already fit the bill.

Amie Lynn as Eva

Amie Lynn as Raiden and Eva

I have to call into question Kojima’s reason for wanting his characters to bare more skin. His claim that it’ll encourage more cosplay is just silly because people already love to cosplay as characters from Metal Gear Solid. Snake, Meryl and Raiden (see above) are all already very popular, sexy in their own right, and don’t require an excessive amount of bare skin.

I by no means am going to avoid playing Metal Gear Solid V because Quiet looks better suited to work at a strip club than be on a battlefield. But even for a game which doesn’t take its self too seriously, Quiet looks far too much like a bad joke. 

– Prometheus

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