I Think I’m Going To FoM-it!

The Login Screen

The Login Screen

I can see that face. The face of mankind that is, holding a smile which is warped by the need for skill, and glazed ever so slightly by the wiles of internet anonymity. Welcome to another MMO, but you should know me better by now, I don’t just talk about any MMO, I find the ones that I feel stand out from the pack, and then spit into a small jug by my computer while I decide whether or not it is truly worthy to be put down into print.

Face of Mankind is a game, like many others these days, that is in its Beta stages, though it is a very playable and mostly working one. This game is very much science fiction, and very much player driven, and I use the latter term with great emphasis. In this game, created by Nexeon Technologies, which no offense to them, sounds like a player faction within the game, every mission you take is created

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by either yourself, or another person. This aspect means that if you are a part of an active faction your missions throughout the game will mostly be based around the aspect of helping to grow your group. These missions can range from taking territories, or killing enemy faction members, or producing items for use, to anything that the faction deems necessary or useful to the greater good. There is, of course, a tutorial, and the one and only part within the game where you actually speak and interact with NPC’s. The controls are similar to your general

third person action MMO, WASD to move, numbers 1-8 for items and weapons, and the F-Keys for other special powers.

Guess I'm a clone now...

I think I’m a clone now…

So, before we dive in, lets begin in the cloning center. It is by no means the start of your journey, but it is

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an important part of your continuing story within the world of FoM. Every time you die, you come back here, and much like Angband, or Dark Souls, dying is a part of the game you have to come to terms with. Don’t kick it too often though, as every time you go nine feet under, everything in your inventory, that is not equipped, is dropped at the location of your death. Transporting that delicious set of armor you just got? Watch your back, people are out for loot, and they can smell it on you when you have it.

Though, the plus side is that the clone center is connected directly to multiple planets, meaning transport from there is extremely quick in order to get back to where you came from. Also, don’t worry about your lives, you have infinite. Being so heavily PvP focused, every area except for Brooklyn, the starting area, is an open PvP zone.

This means that at any moment,

someone could decide they don’t like the way you are dressed, or the way you talked to them, and open fire, though of course, this street goes both ways. Have no doubt, there were times I didn’t like the cut of someones jib, and they would quickly find their

face filled with hot lead because of my itchy trigger finger.

Dying costs you between 45 seconds, and two minutes of your time, depending on how often you have died, and how many people you have killed since you last died. You can redact this, by paying with the in-game currency, universal credits, or with the real cash money, called coins.

Dying also plays a roll in deteriorating item qualities. You can equip both armor, and weapons, both of which will lose portions of their durability with every death. Every

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time you fix said item or weapon, the rate at which it begins its new decay will increase ever so slightly. I actually like this process, as it keeps you from assaulting one place infinitely over

and over, as well as giving an eventual need to replace your gun and armor, instead of keeping the same items throughout the entire game, making your skills more important than what you wield.

In FoM, knowing what weapons and armor your opponents wield plays a huge role in the outcome of a battle. But, distinctly

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check anyone’s gear, every player must rely on visually identifying their enemies armor and equipment, which sounds hard, until you notice the pattern of colors and item models designated to armors and guns. Don’t let this idea deter you though, as this brings a whole new level of fun to the game, battles can become a lethal exchange equivalent to rock-paper-scissors, or a longer, more drawn-out skirmish as you exchange fire on equal ground.

Skills upon Skills!

Skills upon Skills!

Ah…skill. And skills. Both are useful and necessary to do well in this game. Your own natural skill will help you as you fight opponents who are better equipped, or perhaps more experienced during your first few days. Your starting equipment will play a small role in balancing the equation, but the other large portion is your Skill Manager (Seen Right). Almost every skill is accessible to you off the bat. You can use any weapon, any armor, and build your character as it so pleases you; from being a healer tank that uses a sniper, to an explosives builder which hacks terminals and uses stun weaponry.

Elder Scrolls Online tried to take this route, but the largest difference, and perhaps ESO’s folly, was that they still had classes determine, to some degree, what skills you could use. FoM truly has no limits when it comes to building your character. All you require is the time needed to wait for each skill research to complete.

So... take a left?

So… take a left?

When I review a MMO, I try to look at the things that are different, that I like, and that I don’t like, and point them out. Here, in FoM, it is the same problem that most MMO’s suffer from, a poor mini map, and on top of that, there is no world map.

When you first traverse the halls of these sci-fi space stations, prepare your anus to spew shit all over your seat as you froth from both ends. There is little to no explanation about how or what the symbols on the map mean. Even then, knowing what they are on the map is only half the battle, the other half is being able to determine where exactly they are.

There are a lot of maps, especially on earth, which are so god damn confusing. You literally can go through a teleporter, and your mini map will switch out to the new area of the same sector you just teleported to, but now this new map doesn’t show where the teleporter back is, and it’s up to you to run through narrow halls and alleys until you are wishing someone would kill you for the sweet release of the cloning center.

Honestly, at times it seems like someone took a flaccid penis, connected a marker to it, and waved it about on a piece of paper until they felt they had drawn a competent map of an area. No one needs your levels to be a god damn maze, Nexeon! This is a PvP MMO, not Legend of Zelda’s fucking water temple! But, I digress.

These are just a few of the Factions.

These are just a few of the Factions.

The factions within Face of Mankind are wide and varying, from bounty hunting factions, to spy networks which trade information for other favors or in game credits. No matter how you are looking to enjoy the game,

the player

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driven economy and factions will work to your benefit. Members work together in these tight-nit groups to supply each other with gear and missions, even training and stocks to give you access to additional funds, are some of the many benefits one might receive for participating. Factions can ally and go to war often, which end in one side paying a large sum of credits to the other as compensation.

Brooklyn Safe Area

Brooklyn Safe Area

You can make your own faction, though they require you to be a full paying member of the game in order to do so, oh… yeah…. did I mention that this game is free yet? If that doesn’t grind your spine in just the right way I don’t know what will.

It's a Faction Life

It’s a Faction Life

It’s definitely worth a look, it’s light on the wallet, and heavy on the atmosphere and game play. Though the graphics aren’t next gen, that just means more of your friends can play it! The animations can be derpy; every time I sit, I feel like holding out my pinky and being fancy, because of the ridiculous way your model throws out his bum. But if you are into a game that is more about its content then its looks, Face of Mankind has that in spades.


My only warning is that this game has a high learning curve, and is not stupid newbie friendly. Being so PvP oriented means if you want to try to take on the world, you will be severely disappointed by just how much one

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man can do. But don’t get me wrong, one man can do a lot, just not when starting off. I’ve seen a single player wipe out a platoon of ten, because of pure

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skill, I stood in awe, and so should you, because it is quite a feat, as you will learn.

So run down to your local personal computer, and download yourself a copy before they start to charge! If you like third-person shooters with in-depth player economies, territory systems, and skill driven combat, look no further. If and when I get a

stamp, this would get said approval. Enjoy, you guys!

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