Ingredients’ List of Love – Top 3 (F2P) MMO’s

Ingredients’ List of Love : Free to Play MMO’s

Hello my friends, I am back again to speak on one of my favorite topics. If you read the title then you are already three

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lightly reviewing the best Free to Play Massive Multi-player Online Games that our reality has to offer. There is no line drawn between what content is in the game, so long as it they have one underlying similarity. They must have mega-servers where you are playing with hundreds, if not thousands of other people at once, and that is all. And of course be free to play in some regard.

Star Wars the Old Republic- SWTOR


A few years ago, at a company near me; a game was made that wanted to bring the universes of Mass Effect, and Star Wars together. The hellish spawn that came forth was another money sucking WoW MMO clone, if you had forgotten, SWTOR started out as Pay2Play. I know, I was

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flipping founder, playing the game in it’s glorious first days.


Needless to say I wasn’t much impressed with with the combat dynamics. Sure, it didn’t auto attack, it tried to mix it up a bit by requiring you to tap whatever button you wanted to use, including your general attack over and over. What it did was, it made me acutely aware of how much I hit my 1 key, instead of any of the others. And this is bad, because

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in well designed MMO’s you want to click as much as you can, instead of it being forced upon you to make those clicks.


I primarily played as a sniper, I saw the cover feature the agent class employed, and I was sold, who doesn’t want to roll twenty feet behind a wall and take cover from the poodoo eating bantha humpers hailing laser bolts at your face? They are a DPS(Damage Per Second) heavy class, and with your in game companion, mine was a slave girl

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who wore a shock collar I could activate at will, you romp across the planets you’ve heard or not heard about in Star Wars lore.


The questing is what kept me in the game, “But How?” you say to yourself, “Questing in MMO’s is all the same!” you would then yell into my face, spittle flying like water rockets. Well, I would take out my hanky, and select the option in the speech menu to kill your fucking ass. That’s right, as you meet quest givers in the game, you get to know them, and as you decide whether you like them or not, there may come a time when you are given the in game option to murder that person in cold blood, for your own satisfaction. A game facet I thoroughly enjoy, especially since I was playing as my British Star Wars counterpart.

Not only that, but if you come across a fine looking guy or gal you would like to make a move on, chances are you can, and if you impress them enough, don’t be surprised if they invite you to their private chambers for a night cap. I know, I know, this may sound a bit creepy, but it’s far more streamlined then what I would consider to be dating mechanics, and it actually worked to get me invested in finishing this quest line, because the asshole who is telling me to fetch these robot husks is someone I really want to show the color of their insides too.



TERA was probably one of the original well known action based combat games to released for PC, and for good reason. All fighting requires aiming, and the developers of the game cut their mobs hit boxes very close. The game actually requires you to retain some sense of having skill in order to mess up the bad guys in the dungeon. Just like most MMO’s it’s class based, but don’t let that fool you,

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every piece is important to building the metaphorical spear that is your party. You actually have to be on your toes during a battle, even as

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a healer, dodging AOE attacks, getting into range to heal your teammates, or trying to position your spells for maximum efficiency.


Items in TERA work like they do in any other game, kill monsters, acquire items, equip items. But, one little difference I do like about this game, is the way you upgrade your items. When you find super rare items or artifacts (items with yellow or gold names) you can further upgrade their stats by combining them with items of the same level as them. You can do this nine times as a f2p player, 10 if you pay for it. Though the stat difference is not that noticeable, from one step to another, which still allows for a players personal skill to effect change in a pvp or pve battle. This makes the grinding not feel so much like grinding, as every time you go back into a dungeon, you are constantly growing in every facet of your character, as well as being infinitely motivated to do so.


TERA’s big selling point when it came out was it BAM’s (Big Ass Monster?), which, yes, are literally huge monsters that drop exceptional loot, but are super hard to kill. Fighting your first BAM can be intimidating, especially if you do it solo, but remember, because they’re bigger means they’re full of bigger loot and the rest should come naturally.


The good news is this game is still kicking, and it’s still free to play.

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It still looks great for being a bit older, but not too great so that your computer can’t run it, it is an MMO after all.

They also offer an “Elite Status” for the game, “Once you have elite status, you’ll receive daily boosts, exclusive mounts, store discounts, and more.” I ripped that quote directly from their website, so make of it what you will, but that being said, TERA is one of the few companies I feel are not trying to suck money from every player they can. And that in turn makes me love the game even more.




Planet Side 2


Planet Side can be two things, if you play it by yourself, it can be a James Bond mission to wipe out a player manned base, a lot more slow paced, with firefights sparsely littered throughout. Or if you join an outfit, it can range from planned military maneuvers executed with grace and professionalism, to all out chaos as Vanu meet TR meet NC in a thousand player battle that ranges from the sky between twenty floors of explosions and re-spawns to the ground where tanks and APC’s battle it out for the best vantage points.

Is that a bird, oh wait, it's a's the enemy!

Is that a bird, oh wait, it’s a plane…it’s the enemy!

Battlefield had been my go to war simulator for a while, but with the release of Planet Side 2, I’ve pushed it back to a close second. There is no other game that I know of where forty eight people will pile into drop ships to help retake a station.


The maps are huge, there are four continents, each holding upwards of 2000 players. Meaning there is always a battle going on somewhere in the world. Going in with backup is the way to play this game, there’s nothing like having air support and ten or twenty other burly men and women firing guns towards the enemy. If your computer can handle it, and you are a fan of large scale war simulators, Planetside 2 will deliver upon everything you need.


With these three games under your belt, I have no

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doubt that you can get the most fun for your buck. Tera will give you the action based combat rush you need in an RPG, Planet Side 2 can accommodate your tastes for war, and Star Wars provides the in-depth character and game immersion which you should crave.

So run over to your nearest search engine, and give them a try, they are all free, and waiting for the next adventurer to join their ranks.

Much love,


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