Japanese “Mini Stop” offering Super Saiyan “hair” fries

When I first laid eyes on the SSJ Goku french fries (pictured above) I assumed that it had to be a joke. There’s no way it could be real, just a damn convincing photoshop job. But it’s not a joke at all. Japanese “Mini Stop” convenience stores are now offering a menu of DBZ snacks leading up to the new Dragon Ball Z movie, Battle of Gods which releases on March 30th. Sadly, being a thousand miles away from Japan I won’t be able to enjoy these ridiculously awesome DBZ snacks. They’re offering everything from Majin Buu milk pudding, Kuririn melon bread, pizza flavored “genki tama” and of course Super Saiyan “hair” fries!

I have no idea what these are, but I want them. I want them in or around my mouth.

Apparently this is what they call “melon bread”. I suppose if you’ve ever wanted a soft power pole in your mouth this would fit the bill. 


Looks like Goku’s Spirit bomb is not only one of his most power techniques but it’s also pizza flavored. I suppose if you’re going to get blown into pieces you might as well enjoy something delicious on your way out. 

And what meal wouldn’t be complete without some Majin Buu milk pudding? How adorably yummy. 

Sorry kiddos, no senzu beans.

If you’re reading this and you’re in Japan. Please, eat these, for me. For I sadly cannot. However, I can enjoy them vicariously through you.

– Kūfuku no Prometheus

[UPDATE]Special thanks to a couple of helpful readers for the follow corrections. The “melon bread” is actually “stick bread”. The spirit bomb is not pizza flavored but curry flavored and has egg inside. Lastly, the dragon balls are actually mini pizza balls.

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