KFC goes Super Sayian

Looks like Japanese minishops aren’t the only eateries getting in on the Dragon ball Z foodie action. KFC in Japan has come down with DBZ-mania as well. Apparently KFC is “So Good” in the Land of the Rising Sun that even Goku is willing to chow it down from time to time. Behold!

Was it any wonder that Goku died of a heart attack?

Unfortunately, KFC isn’t going as far as offering DBZ themed food, like the ministops, instead they’re offering kids meals which come in boxes with Dragon Ball Z art on them as well as one of three games. While it’s not nearly as cool as Goku fries it’s still better than what we get from KFC over in the states.

Not quite as collectable but easily more memorable

Perfect for when you’re thirsty and the power is out

Nothing better to power up your hunger

Not quite DBZ Budokai, but it’ll do

What’s in the box?!

Come on kids, don’t you wanna hold my dragon ball?
 – Prometheus

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