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This special issue of Latex Avenger is a product of 24-Hour Comics Day. Which, you guessed it, is a comic book which is conceived within a 24-Hour time frame. To accomplish such a feat several different artists worked on the issue including Devin Lawson, Bonn Adame, Shane Campos, Barry Comp, Michael Mauro and Dan Price. Devin Lawson handled the cover art, while Latex Avenger creator, Dan Price and Barry Comp shared writing duties for the issue.  With so many artists all drawing a single issue you may be tempted to assume that what they produced was chaotic and directionless, because too many cooks spoil the broth, right? Wrong. Quite the opposite actually, the 24 Hour Team Latex executed a very creative and clever idea for 24-Comic Day.

The story begins with Fupa the Voyeur (the large green woman on the cover) explaining that it’s her job to watch and chronicle all key moments which occur throughout space and time. She explains that while she’s been witness to important moments in history, sometimes she just sits back and laughs at all the nonsense that goes on. This brings us to our hero, Latex Avenger!

What began as a seemingly ordinary breakfast was soon transformed into a crazy adventure. For those who are unfamiliar, Latex Avenger loves Cinnamon Toast Crunch. And sadly, on that faithful morning, his cereal bowl and thus his belly were devoid of its crunchy goodness. So while Latex Avenger pined over the absence of his favorite cereal, his side kick, Reuben The Spermicidal Foam Lad, found the “Wirgin Mary” in his bowl of Alpha-Bits cereal. Being confronted with such an amazing discovery, Latex Avenger decided to do the only reasonable thing there was to do, eat it! A few bites later Latex Avenger, Spermicidal Foam Lad, Kosher the pig and Saul are sent spiraling into an interdimensional wormhole.

That wormhole sends them from dimension to dimension; each dimension being drawn by a different artist. See, I told you it was a clever idea. It allows the issue to have a very natural flow to it even while having several different artistic styles. This issue of Latex Avenger is that much more remarkable when you consider the time constrains imposed on the artists. Standard fare for an artist is drawing a page a day so you can imagine that doing multiple pages in less than 24 hours is a tough task to say the least.

Throughout the rest of the issue, Latex Avenger and his friends travel through several ridiculously hilarious and down right absurd dimensions. They see the sights and sounds of a dimension inhabited by ninja hentai chicks (you’re damn right they have tentacles!), to a conservative right wing dimension, a liberal left wing dimension, and even an ‘I have no idea where the hell they were but someone got hit with a 128th street pimp slap!’ dimension. Courtesy of Shazzizle, of course. After reading this you’ll come to realize just what adventure could be lurking in each and every milky bite of your balanced breakfast.

I don’t want to spoil too many of the jokes but the Latex Avenger 24-hour Comic is a damn funny adventure that will keep you laughing from cover to cover. Latex Avenger pokes fun everywhere there is fun to poked. Hell, even Ziggy makes a cameo appearance. When it’s all said and done and your side hurts from all the laughter, it’s difficult to not appreciate the hand cramps that I’m sure everyone endured while working on the issue.

The bottom line is if you can get your hands on the Latex Avenger 24-hour comic, do it! Seriously, you will not regret it. If for some reason you can’t get your hands on the comic, get somebody else’s hands to get the comic and then get their hands. Sure it sounds gruesome, but really, what’s the alternative? Not reading this comic? After you’ve read it you’ll realize that what I’m asking is a small price to pay.

  – Prometheus

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