Leonardo Di Caprio and Ryan Gosling Take a Break from Acting


After some of the busiest years of their acting careers, Leonardo DiCaprio and Ryan Gosling have decided that a well deserved break from the silver screen is in order. As they announced their intentions to put their acting careers on hold; babies cried, men howled in anger and women fainted, all collectively experiencing a sharp intake of breath as the news swept across the world.



Di Caprio has put forth numerous stellar performances from Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf Of Wall Street to Steven Spielberg’s Catch Me If You Can. In my opinion he delivered one of his best performances to date, in Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained. Following that, Di Caprio has decided to take a much needed break from acting. I’m sure being snubbed by the Oscars yet again, didn’t hurt his decision to put his energies elsewhere. For the time being at least. But weep not! Before Leo departs he leaves us with Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby, due for release on May 10th, to tide us over until he makes his triumph return. Meanwhile, Di Caprio will busy himself off-screen by saving the environment, i.e. keeping us from suffering a real-life After Earth or Oblivion type future.

Leo enjoying the good ole outdoors

Leo enjoying the good ole outdoors

DiCaprio isn’t the only Oscar-caliber actor taking a break from the Hollywood life, *ahem* Oscar-nominated Ryan Gosling has announced that he too will be taking a break. After starring in six films in three years, Ryan Gosling is a little tuckered out. No doubt in large part to the staggering amount of dialogue in his movie, Drive. In actuality, Gosling cited feelings of discomfort from being thrust into the limelight as a contributing factor to his decision to take a break. With films like The Ides of March, Gangster Squad, and the aforementioned Drive raising his profile after years of starring in supporting roles and indie films such as Lars and the Real Girl and The Believer, it’s no big surprise. So if you want to enjoy Gosling on the big screen, then check out his latest film; The Place Beyond The Pines, which was released on Friday, April 12th. You should especially check it out If you’ve ever wanted to see Ryan Gosling play a driver. Oh wait.


Driving the point home…

As Di Caprio and Gosling ride off into the sunset, insecure boyfriend’s prematurely rejoice, hoping to sleep a little more soundly knowing that those lady killers won’t swoop in, in the middle of the night and steal away their girlfriends. However, in their celebration they forget that Leo and Ryan withdrawal symptoms can be nurtured from the comfort of your own home. Either over at LOVEFILM or Netflix where you can watch movies online for free, albeit during a trial period. For Gosling-philes, I have no doubt that the remedy can be found in streaming movies such as The Ides of March or Drive and for Leo-ities, there’s The Man in The Iron Mask and The Aviator to gaze upon.

Fret not, they won't be gone forever...

Fret not, they won’t be gone forever…

- Prometheus

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