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So for my debut article on Punching The Walls of Reality I thought I would provide a detailed look at one of the most anticipated games to be released in the first quarter of 2013, Dead Space 3.

 I have always been a sucker for survival horror games, I love playing them but at the same time this genre acts as my kryptonite, bringing out the worst in me and so on.

When I heard that there would be a Dead Space 3, well I was already jumping for joy. The series has definitely become a fan’s favorite in the horror category of gaming. Playing Dead Space 1 gave me endless nightmares, and then they progressively got worse when I played through the second game.

It is a franchise that delivers what it promises, a thrill ride of horror, gore and a solid story, which is very hard to find nowadays with horror based games.

Dead Space utilizes great character development through an emotionally driven story of survival, and it does not hinder on providing the horror outlook, which makes the series a standout from other survival horror games of recent times.

The premise for Dead Space 3: two months after escaping ‘the sprawl’ (Dead Space 2), Issac Clarke and Ellie Langford encounter a survivor of a Necromorph incident on the planet Uxor, Sgt John Carver; and discover Tau Volantis, a frozen planet where the ruins of another Planetcracker ship are found. Realizing that the miners aboard that ship have found the source of ‘the markers’, the group tries to land on the frigid planet, only for their ship to break upon entry leading to the separation of Ellie from Issac and John. As a result Issac resolves to save Ellie along with his original goal of stopping the markers.

So from reading upon this, and watching various clips on the game’s announcement and development it is clear that Viscreal Games is attempting to create an emotionally driven campaign, whilst maintaining the key concept of horror throughout the plot, mainly with the threat of the Necromorphs.

A new feature for the game includes ‘the weapons bench’, an upgraded system redesigned from the previous systems incorporated into the first two games. Players will now be able to construct new weapons from parts that Issac picks up throughout the campaign. A positive move made by the developers, as it introduces a more creative approach to taking down the Necromorph menace. Players can construct their favorite weapons from the first two games, or they can build an entirely new weapon from scratch that could range from an electric rivet gun to an incendiary buzz saw launcher.

Yet the most talked about feature among fans and critics is the ‘drop in/drop out’ co-op campaign. Whilst players will be able to play with friends, the co-op mode aims to give players alternate experiences depending on which character they will play. For example as Carver, the player will find toy soldiers in a biological facility, whilst the player controlling Issac will not see them. Furthermore we will see players in co-op dealing with their own separate situations, for example when Carver tries to open a door he becomes trapped in his own mind forcing Issac to defend him from a wave of Necromorphs until Carver can free himself.

Whilst some have been vocal in their disagreement to this approach for the co-op, many including myself could not contain our excitement. It looks set to bring a darker feel to the Dead Space universe, as it highlights that Issac is not the only victim in this story and as the player we descend into their Gothic and harsh realities. Though I can understand fan’s dismay to the co-op campaign, as it appears that a lot of focus has gone onto the co-op mode, with little shown for the single player campaign. Though It is highly doubtful that the developers would risk annoying their fan base with a dull single player mode.

For an overall summary, Dead Space 3 looks set to give gamer’s sleepless nights. With fantastic graphics, a character and horror driven story and new variants of the Necromorphs to deal with, players can be rest assured that the game will certainly deliver the goods when released on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and the PC come February, 2013.



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