Liv Tyler to Star in Damon Lindelof’s HBO Pilot


Liv Tyler. HBO. Damon Lindelof. Two out of three of these are things which I absolutely adore. The third is the manifestation of good ideas marred by lazy writing. That manifestation goes by the name of Damon Lindelof. Ah yes, Damon Lindelof, the same man who brought us Lost and Prometheus. Hell even Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk. Remember how that started off so awesome and then took years to finish only for the latter half of the series to be remarkably lackluster? Yeah, me too.

So what’s all of the buzz about Lindelof this time? Well, he’s set to debut a pilot on HBO called The Leftovers. The ever lovely Liv Tyler will co-star alongside Justin Theroux. You know, Justin Theroux, he played the DJ from Zoolander

Despite the title, The Leftovers has nothing to do with your unfinished dinner at Red Lobster rather it’s based off of Tom Perrotta’s book of the same name. The Leftovers is a story about those who are leftover following the Rapture, all of those poor godless heaths who weren’t spirited away and now live in what’s quite literally a post-apocalyptic world. The pilot will be directed by Peter Berg of Battleship fame. …And the good news keeps on coming.

In addition to HBO having an excellent track record of producing damn good shows, having Liv Tyler as part of the cast is a damn good reason to be optimistic about The Leftovers. Liv Tyler will be playing a young woman named Meg, who’s “…on the verge of getting married, but needing an escape. As a result, she becomes a target for recruitment by members of an enigmatic cult.” This is will be the first Television project for Liv Tyler who’s graced such films as The Incredible Hulk, The Lord of the Rings trilogy and Armageddon. (Hey, we can’t all be perfect!)

I’m cautiously optimistic for The Leftovers, between HBO and Liv Tyler you have a winning combination. Throw Damon Lindelof into the mix you have a serious wild card. Who knows, maybe this will be the project where Damon Lindelof finally realizes his potential.  Or maybe we’ll get another Lost and fan boys and fan girls alike will tear their hair out over a series which had potential to be great only to fall short by a long shot.

– Prometheus

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