New Japan Photo Craze Better Than Planking


Special Beam Cannon Version 2!!!!!!!!

Special Beam Cannon Version 2!!!!!!!!


The latest craze to come out of Japan has finally made it’s way stateside.  For lack of a better term, Dragonballing is the action of taking a picture to emulate your favorite Dragonball attack, while all your friends appear to be blasted or affected by it, by making alligators in the air.  It makes planking look totally fucking stupid, by the way.  Well, it was stupid to begin with. 



It’s like reliving the Ginyu Force beatdown all over again. *sniff*


In case you’ve never heard of Dragonball, Dragonball Z, or it’s American version, Kai, then you got some Googling to do, pal.  Dragonball was the best show when I was growing up through high school, and along with Gundam Wing, hell Toonami for that matter, it’s what got me so passionate about animation and made me into the Anime/Mangaka that I am today.  Now, seeing young school girls emulate a show that might predate their existence is not only refreshing, but has me wondering why no one in my generation ever though of it.  We get planking?  I mean okay, Jay-Z does it on a million according to one of his songs, but Dragonballing on a ten dollar bill sounds a lot more exciting if you ask me.





Apparently the entire craze started when a Japanese Twitter user, mkpiiii9,  added her photo on Twitter.  The image was titled ‘Makankosappo,’ or Special Beam Cannon to all you Piccollo haters out there.  You know who you are.  Since then, the craze has spawned hundreds of other pictures creating fun images and is soon to catch on in the US and around the world.  Then, once that has been accomplished, the world will rejoice in it’s anime-fandom, and peace will rule all.


– The “Perverted Hermit” Agamemnon



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