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Welcome to NIGITAC. Of course I know it sounds like a racial slur you can’t quite place, but they had it coming…those writhing, squirming, Nigitac’s. But what does it mean to you and I, the common man. Well NIGITAC of course stands for Notable Indie Games Ingredients Thinks Are Cool. This is important since I play a lot of indie games, and sometimes there is one I feel like I have to talk about. If you are still feeling xenophobic, then upon request, here is an image to project your hate upon.


God Damn Nigitacs taking our Plumbus’!

So since I am always looking for new and interesting games to play and share with people, I will tell you about some of the more sparkly treasures I’ve found within the gaming community. Starting with….


Satellite Reign Our first stop will be a little unnamed techno city, which I like to refer to as Reign. In this city of vivid colors, strange head gear, and no doubt slang slinging, mo-hawk sporting, technitutes. Those being technologically advanced prostitutes. You are thrust into the chaos of Reign, as a sort of administrator for a small group of mercenaries, four to be exact, who are looking to topple the largest and most evil corporation in the city, Dracogenics.

SR Idle on overworld

Dirty Back Alleys

Your journey starts in the downtown district, where you bring together your team, for presumably the first time, finding and acquiring each agent being a small mission on it’s own, a great way to introduce

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the player to some of the more basic game mechanics, as well as allow you to build your own appreciation for each member of the team, only the first agent, the soldier is given to you, but even he (AKA you) has to work his butt off just to get to the rest of the agents, so I consider that debt well paid. You are guided by one of your luscious female voices which will calmly tell you your mission objectives as well as hinting towards something called Project Satellite Reign, which is the end goal of the game.

SR Missions

The Situation Room

The game plays from an isometric point of view, and

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with it being a city, there are random civilians making their way around on foot and in floating cars. It has a fluorescent GTA feel about it, despite the perspective you play it from, but you can’t steal cars. This is a good thing, the city feels lived in, and heavily used, and each individual person even has their very own name!

SR Door Hack

This is how you hack doors.

When you bring your team together, the main crux of the game begins, mainly with having you break into various corporate owned facilities, killing, sneaking, or hacking your way through them and accomplishing various objectives to

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uncover more dirt on these companies, bring them down, and find out how to take down Dracogenics. Since your team are the new kids on the block, you only have basic equipment to work with at first, but all these companies have fancy gadgets already developed and researched. Well hell, those bullets and colors sure do look pretty when they’re used against you, but they would look even better in your hands. So of course, via your expeditions into enemy territory, you will find side quests to obtain blue prints, and via your offshore research team, can design them for yourself, and equip them onto your crew slowly molding your men or women to your liking. Just as well, there is a black market dealer who exchanges money for items and blueprints, but that’s not nearly as fun as taking them.

Research the night away

Research the night away

As you progress through missions, or just mess around in general, your agents will grow in skill, they gain experience… or level up, so to speak; if I had to coin a phrase no one has ever used before. Now before I continue, you should know that each agent has a class; a class you cannot change. There are Soldier, Hacker, Sniper, and Support. All the essentials really, but god damn I would have loved to show up with four buffed up soldiers and roll through an enemy compound. Each class has their own skill set, and leveling up provides one skill point, with more advanced skills

costing upwards of four points to gain. Leveling up isn’t really hard, and just doing what you want to do will net you levels quite quickly. Now any class can use any gun, but some classes may have a skill which makes them slightly more proficient with a certain class of weapons(think Borderlands), your hacker can hold the front lines with your soldier, but in the end will never live up to the reputation the soldier has. The skills are just great, all are useful to some degree, and the hacker especially being able to essentially mind control people can make or break a mission, giving you access to places, causing distractions, or just for killing off or clearing out a few of the enemy’s personnel before you make your first move inside.

SR Loadout Skills The third layer of customization comes from cloning. You see, when your characters die, you don’t go hire a new agent from a waiting room of technicolor freaks. Oh no, their consciousness is downloaded to HQ, their body cloned, and then they are sent out again to wreck havoc on those filthy money grubbing corporations, for a small sum of money( think The 6th Day). All of this is represented by a timer, which you can instead choose to skip by paying some of the correlating characters XP points as a price.There is a larger down side to this whole death business, and for you to understand it, we should first think back to that mind controlling skill that the hacker gets. SR Loadout Clone When your hacker takes over someone’s body, besides being able to control them, you can also have them sent back to your base to use their body. “Like..sexually?” I hear you asking. Probably. But also… Every citizen in the city of Reign has their own genetics, effecting things like accuracy, movement speed, total health or energy; things like that. So you take them back to your base, enter them into your biological database, and then swap your agents consciousness into their body to achieve said benefits.

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So when you die, you are no longer using the original body of that person, but now a clone, so it makes sense that their DNA isn’t as pure! Now those bonus effects have lessened, perhaps even gone, and so begins your endless cycle/quest to find

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soldiers off the street if you have to…I never said you were nice mercenaries, did I?

SR Mind control

Doing that MC!

Dracogenics is as I said before, of course, not the only evil entity in the city, as each sector introduces a new one, though in total there are about five companies depending on how you count it. Each company is independent of each other, and while they may rarely be seen shooting at each other in the city streets, they act very much like gangs protecting their territory.

Uzy Korp Rolling deep

Uzy Korp Rolling deep

Speaking of fighting, the combat is rather fast-paced, taking me off guard with just

how quickly my off the shelf agents were getting killed, you right click to move units, and left click or press the corresponding key, 1 through 4 to select an agent. Even with a full suite of skills at my disposal the controls were laid out in such a way that I could make full use of all four agents powers, which is a tough thing to do. You can move units to cover, to help mitigate damage, but damage will happen no matter what, so long as your unit is being engaged by an enemy, something that took me a little while to figure out. I was rather annoyed that there was no “move here and attack” button. Instead

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you have to manually position and target each individual enemy, otherwise your men will sit on their behinds playing on their iPhone while their buddies fight for their lives, or as bullet hail their face for friendship.

SR Firefight

There was a Firefight!!!!!

Pretty Much How I Feel

While there are a few bugs, like once or twice one of my guys got stuck trying to climb into a vent, overall the game is polished, and well made. The story, albeit vague, keeps you interested and the progression system draws you in, being quite deep for such a small game. This is another downside to the game; it’s so short! You can get probably about twenty hours of game play from this if you really stretched it out. Regardless of all that though, 5 Lives Studios is onto something great here, something which we should support as a community, and as a small time company with Satellite Reign being the first game under their belt, they are off to a tremendous start. The game is available on Steam, or just google the game you lazy bastards! As always, I love you lots! -Ingredients

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