The Last Exorcism: A Brief Review

        Let’s take a moment to talk about sequels. Or more specifically, horror movie sequels. Or even more specifically, the new sequel to The Last Exorcism. The other night when I was browsing through IMDB, (one of my reasons for loving the Internet) I spotted a trailer for the upcoming film, The Last Exorcism Part ll.  And I realized that you don’t have to have seen the first one to be confused by the existence of a sequel to this movie. It’s called The LAST Exorcism. Not “Another Exorcism” or “One of Many Exorcisms”. I feel like the “last” part of the title is a huge part of the plot of the movie in the first place. By saying “last” you are implying that there will be nothing after this, this is the end, and it will probably not end well. And I was perfectly okay with that. Because frankly, I hate cliff hangers. HATE THEM. Especially ones that you’re expecting. Like at the end of your typical slasher film for instance. It’s at the end of the movie, and everyone is pretty much dead except for the one girl who was just dumb enough to get her…

Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 10 – Durango Unchained!

Agamemnon and Prometheus captain our landmark 10th episode of Save File Corrupted?! We talk JJ Abrams potentially directing a Half-Life and/or Portal movie, the lovers quarrel between Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo, the PS4’s rumored price,  and we top it off with a 20 minute rant by TriForce GameMaster! Right click to download Save File Corrupted?! Episode 10 – Durango Unchained! Also, check out the Save File Corrupted?! Podcast on iTunes I wouldn’t want to run into him in a dark arcade. Amirite, guys?  You May Also Like: Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 8 – Tac and the Power of Juju The Elder Scrolls Online opened for beta signups! Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Demo Review Straight Outta Austin!:Episode 49 – The Infinite Infinity Crisis

Elder Scrolls Online food truck tour?! Yes, please!

The Elder Scrolls Online food truck may be passing through your town beginning in March! Bethesda, in an effort to fatten up their fan base will be forgoing fast travel and traversing the continental United States via food truck. It’s only appropriate that their first stop will be The Live Music Capitol of the World, Austin, Texas! Known for its array of delectable food trucks, for those who didn’t already know. The type of food is not specified but my money is on mountains of sweet rolls and rivers flowing with mead.

Liz “Girl-Rilla” Carmouche

The “Girl-Rilla” Liz Carmouche is preparing for not only the biggest challenge of her career but easily the most high profile fight in the history of women’s mixed martial arts. While Ronda Rousey is constantly in the news circuit, Liz Carmouche is significantly less known. So let’s get to know the “Girl-Rilla” a little bit better.

Warm Bodies Review

    If you happened to see a trailer for new zombie flick, Warm Bodies, you probably got the feeling that this was simply one more cash grab in a genre that’s been milked dry for the past 10 years. You probably also thought that there’d be “so cheesy it’s bad,” elements to it, and nothing interesting could possibly come from a movie like this. And you wouldn’t be wrong in thinking this. But I implore you, if there was ever a movie to fight your inner inhibitions, this would be the movie to see. Admittedly, I went to see Warm Bodies with lowered expectations, and that may be due to why I found it so endearing. I don’t often take a gamble when it comes to forking over my hard earned Hamilton’s, and when I have, I’ve more than not, been left wanting. For once, in quite some time, my gamble paid off.

More Sleeping Dogs DLC on the way!

  Looks like Nightmare in North Point and The Zodiac Tournament were just the beginning. Square Enix wants to help make the relationship last a bit longer so they’ve committed to 6 months of more Sleeping Dogs DLC! I couldn’t be happier. The Zodiac Tournament was definitely a step in the right direction and I hope they’ve continued to build on that foundation. Buy DLC or I cut you!

X-Men: Days of Excitement Past

  As I’m sure you’ve all heard, Matthew Vaughn has opted to pass on directing the sequel to X-Men: First Class, returning the series to Bryan Singer. Sigh. Even after hearing this news I’ve managed to still be hopeful for Days of Future Past. But after the announcement that Shawn Ashmore would reprise his role as Iceman, I’ve become less and less optimistic. Ashmore was easily one of the worst parts of the X-Men movies, with Halle Berry as Storm not being far behind. Anna Paquin’s portrayal of Rogue is easily the role I found most contentious though. I don’t even dislike Anna Paquin as an actress, but Rogue portrayed as the damsel in distress left a horrid taste in my mouth. The closest thing to “good” news is the announcement that Ellen Page will return as Kitty Pryde (Shadow Cat) and receive a larger role. While Ellen Page’s role in The Last Stand was more or less forgettable, she’s a competent actress and is seasoned in playing strong characters which would be very fitting for Kitty Pryde.

Straight Outta Austin!:Episode 49 – The Infinite Infinity Crisis

  We talk quite a bit of comics in this episode of Straight Outta Austin!, specifically Green Lantern. We not only learn that the lantern rings weren’t conceived in a Cracker Jack box but the conversation stays Ryan Reynolds free, mostly.     Right click to download Straight Outta Austin! – Episode 49 – The Infinite Infinity Crisis