Kill_Cam’s Most Disappointing Games of 2012: Part Two

So today I conclude my list of the worst games to hit the market in 2012. It is fair to say that I have kept the list short due to the fact that only so few games this year disappointed me. So let’s get to the worst of the worst now. The War Z It still surprises me as to how this game alone isn’t on the majority of worst game lists that are published on a constant basis throughout the World Wide Web. For a game that had such high expectations during the production stage, only for it to anger the Steam community in such a quick amount of time, well you be the judge of that.

The Comic Bubble: A Look into Comic Book TV

Comic books are no stranger to the small screen. In fact, comics have been a part of the television world longer than english soap operas. You’ve had Superman with George Reeves as the titular character in the 50’s, the über popular Adam West Batman show from the 60’s, and let’s not forget the live action Spider-Man show from the 70’s. There’s been so many comic shows, but none were probably more popular than the ones that ran in the 90’s. Batman: The Animated Series, X-Men, Spider-Man, Superman: The Animated Series; all beloved still to this day.   Justice League (Cartoon Network) ran for two years before switching to Justice League: Unlimited and running for another three.  Over the years we’ve kept getting more and more great shows like Justice League/Justice League Unlimited, X-Men: Evolution, Wolverine And The X-Men (the name for the cartoon first before the comic- neither in relation to one another) and Spectacular Spider-Man. While sadly none of the series are on the air today, we still have some excellent shows on now and more soon to come.

MG Rising: Revengeance Will Have Epic Boss Battles

    Not since Metal Gear Solid 3, have fans seen such a unique cast of bosses. I’ll admit as much as I profess my love for Guns of the Patriot, the boss battles were severely handicapped amalgamations of previous enemies, enemies garnered as formidable, and memorable, bosses from their respective games. Well, since helming the entire project, PlatinumGames has delivered on all fronts from action, to cinematics. The big test now relied on PG’s delivery to bring us, the fans, boss battles of epic proportions. Ladies and gentlemen of the gaming blogosphere, I think we have our answer:

Sleeping Dogs – Zodiac Tournament DLC Review

  From fight club to fight club I traveled; challenging and defeating every fighter thrown my way. If so much as a glancing blow managed to land on me, it was only because I was trying to make things more interesting for myself. Eventually, the echoes of broken bones ceased and the fight clubs laid barren. Swallowed by boredom I threw my blood stained fist into the air and cried out for a new challenge. That’s when I received it; a message from Inspector Teng, an invitation to the Zodiac Tournament! The Zodiac Tournament is exactly what I have been wanting from Sleeping Dogs DLC; new moves to add to my arsenal, new fighting styles to fight against, more brutal environmental kills, and most importantly, a real challenge! Where Nightmare in North Point disappointed, the Zodiac Tournament delivers.   To help get into character I played this with no shirt on

Throwback! Carrie(1976): A Brief Review

I cannot tell you how annoyed I am with mainstream film these days. Not to sound like your typical hipster bitch, but I can’t watch previews for new movies without feeling a bit of Deja Vu. I just imagine the cash machines up in Hollywood sitting around laughing their asses off at us for paying to see the same movie recycled over and over again. You don’t even know how confused I was that Avatar made as much money as it did, when all I saw was blue Pocahontas having hair fetish sex. I feel like I could have found that on the Internet for free, without having to wear stupid glasses the whole time, and it would have been ten times better because it wouldn’t have been tainted by James Cameron and his million dollars worth of bull crap. Steering away from my rant, I think it’s safe to say that 3D movies and remakes have taken over, especially in the horror community. (Don’t even get me started on Texas Chainsaw 3D, good Lord). With all of these remakes coming out, I think it’s appropriate to briefly review a classic that is being redone this year, and refresh our…

Justice League: Doom Review

      Now I know what you’re thinking…  “How is the Justice League gonna be fighting Dr. Doom?”  I honestly don’t know why it’s called Doom, because it’s anything but, except for maybe the bad guy.  It should have been called, “How Many Times Will Batman Not Die When He Should Have?”  In all, more than three, less than eight times, so don’t go making a drinking game just yet.  I actually recommend sobriety while watching this nicely done, animated movie.

Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 8 – Tak and the Power of Juju

BobbyBeatle is absent for this episode of Save File Corrupted?! We assume that he came down with a severe case of dysentery. So, to honor his memory, we have a fantastic time talking about latest in video games. We also dish about some of the worst video games, Shaq Fu anyone? Also, you can check out the article, What Quentin Tarantino can teach us about how to handle the “violence in games” debate  that Agamemnon read at the end of the podcast. Right click to download Save File Corrupted?! Episode 8 – Tac and the Power of Juju Also, check out the Save File Corrupted?! Podcast on iTunes You May Also Like: Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 7 – Most Wanted Games V.13 Games We Loved in 2012: Part 2 Let’s Take A Look At… Dead Space 3 Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 46 – Awesome!

This Week in the Cinema – Mama, Broken City, and The Last Stand

Check out this week’s This Week in the Cinema courtesy of friend of the show, Devon! Wondering which movies are coming out this week? Then enjoy the video below!   For more This Week in the Cinema, check out her Youtube pageFollow This Week in the Cinema on Twitter @Movies_ThisWeekAnd like her on Facebook! Also, listen to Episode 45 of Straight Outta Austin! as we’re joined by Devon of This Week in the Cinema!  You May Also Like: Michelle Waterson to challenge for Invicta FC Atomweight Title! Looper Movie Review Games We Loved in 2012: Part 2 Straight Outta Austin! : Episode 45 – Multipass!