Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 46 – Awesome!

  In this episode of Straight Outta Austin!, we’re joined by aspiring artist, Ray Ray! She’s abrasive, unapologetic and more than a little bit controversial. So as you can imagine, we’ve been wondered why it took us so long to have her on in the first place! You can find her “pop art on acid” on Instagram! This is easily our most offensive and raunchy episode yet! So if you’re easily offended or have a pulse, I advise you listen with caution. You’ve been warned! Made with real paint!     Right click to download Straight Outta Austin! – Episode 46 – Awesome! You May Also Like: Michelle Waterson to challenge for Invicta FC Atomweight Title! Save File Corrupted?! :Episode 7 – Most Wanted Games V.13 Games We Loved in 2012: Part 2 Straight Outta Austin! : Episode 45 – Multipass!

Michelle Waterson to challenge for Invicta FC Atomweight Title!

  After going undefeated with two victories last year, Michelle “The Karate Hottie” Waterson has been scheduled to square off against the Invicta FC Atomweight (105lbs) Champion, Jessica Penne. “The Karate Hottie” made her debut in Invicta FC last October winning a hard fought battle over Invicta FC veteran, Lacey Schuckman, improving her record to 10-3.  

Games We Loved in 2012: Part 2

      Welcome back for the 2nd part of Game We Loved in 2012! If you enjoyed the first seven games of the year, chances are you’ll mildly enjoy what I’ve got in store.

Games We Loved in 2012; Part 1

    After looking back on 2012, I’d like to quickly reminisce on some of the best times I had, by looking back at some of the games we anticipated and played the crap out of, starting with the very beginning of the Mayan Doomsday year.  I never saw no reapers invade the Earth.

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 45 – Multipass!

  In this episode of Straight Outta Austin!, we’re joined by the awesome Devon of This Week in the Cinema! As you can imagine, we talk movies. Lots and lots of movies. We also reminisce on some of our favorite films, not so favorite films and memorable movie experiences. Enjoy! You can follow This Week in the Cinema on Twitter @Movies_ThisWeek And enjoy her weekly web series at   Right click to download Straight Outta Austin! – Episode 45 – Multipass! Sometimes the best gift, is the gift of knowing what movies are coming out that week   You May Also Like: The Comic Bubble: Top 5 Comic Books of 2012 Save File Corrupted?! :Episode 7 – Most Wanted Games V.13 Kill_Cam’s Most Disappointing Games of 2012: Volume Straight Outta Austin! : Episode 44 – Dutch Oven Mafia

Looper Movie Review

  If you’ve heard good things about the movie Looper, then you’ve heard right! It’s an excellent film from start to finish. That is, once you can get past Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s bizarre face. I found it to be pretty damn distracting for at least the first 20 minutes of the movie. However, before long I was far too engrossed by the story to care that he more resembled a catfish than a young Bruce Willis. The set up of the story is unique and rather interesting. Joe (played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a hitman for the mob. However in 2074 you don’t simply wack a guy with an ice pick to the back of the neck, like in the good ole Goodfella days. No, technology has advanced beyond that, so getting away with murder is ni-impossible in the future. Thankfully for the criminal underworld, time travel is not only possible but it’s also been outlawed making it a perfect tool for the mob to exploit. So now (or in 2044 rather) when you have somebody who needs killing you send them back in time to be taken out by a hitman they call a “Looper”. This is where Joe comes in.

Kill_Cam’s Most Disappointing Games of 2012: Part One

2011 was a mixed year for gaming as whole, with prequels, sequels and terrible spin off’s all going on the market, and ending with bad credibility and so on, a notable on for me was the Cowboys & Aliens game. Yet the release of Batman: Arkham City and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, the year ended on a more positive note.   Big titles such as Gears of War 3 proved to live below par on expectations, with many fans being left by the rushed campaign and a very predictable plot. Yet 2012 proved to be a year of excitement for gamers, with many big titles making their comebacks to the gaming world; titles such as Halo 4, Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and the list can just go on and on and on.

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

If you grew up playing videogames in the 80s you no doubt have fond memories of the games which grew to become the 8bit and 16bit classics we love today. From Super Mario Bros. and Super Metriod, to The Legend of Zelda and Sonic the Hedgehog, these titles serve as hallmarks of gaming. But for every gem which reseved a place in history there were dozens more games which were damn near unplayable and should have never even seen the light of day. Miserably broken games, like Top Gun, Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker, and of course E.T., to name a few. These are the kind of games which only the most nostalgic would ever willingly want to revisit. Well, nostaligc or masochist or the Angry Video Game Nerd. Alas, I too have played Shaq Fu