Straight Outta Austin: Episode Three- Maria Ozawa

  I apologize for J. Agamemnon’s brain fart which lead to the not so good sound quality of this edition of Straight Outta Austin. Regardless, it’s still damn funny. If you’ve been listening to our podcasts for any length of time you should be more than used to poor sound quality. Anywho, Epsiode 3 brings you our impromtu rendition of Nate Dogg’s Regulators. But wait there’s more! We’re bringing you an exclusive interview with Maria Ozawa. Not really but we did mention her briefly. Enjoy!     Right Click to Download Podcast

Straight Outta Austin: Episode Two – Crabby Cakes

In our sophmore effort of Straight Outta Austin we have a brief debate about surviving a zombie apocoplyse, iphones, trannys, we nearly get killed by a lightening storm, and we’re joined by nameless, kneecapless crack hoe. Yeah, it’s that real. Play Podcast   Additionally we discuss: What was deemed by the Daily Mail as a Internet age horror story for any parent, a 14 year old girl named Emily was tricked by a ‘boy’ that she met in an online chat room who turned out to be a girl. To be fair, it’s usually the opposite that happens. She kissed a girl and she liked it We have a heartfelt discussion about a girl who’s addicted to drinking gasoline . Even though it hurts me, it makes me feel good We rip into Peter Molyneux and his lame ass excuse for why “Project Milo” was never released. I wouldn’t let this man around my children, would you? J. Agamemnon rants about athesists as we talk about an athesis group who “scrubed away a churches blessing”.   Just roll out the red carpet for all manner of vampires why dontcha? We talk about a Project X “inspired” party which resulted in…

Getting Hyper Part II: Arcade UFO SFxT Special Tournament with “Special Guests”

Saturday was already off to a slow start. I was almost late for work. I hadn’t any time to make coffee and the day was dragging like a mule tilling a field. Eventually, quitting time came and Hibiki and myself got a babysitter for the evening, we swooped up Prometheus and were soon off to Arcade UFO where Fubarduck was hosting a Street Fighter X Tekken tournament of his own. The PTWoR crew arrived around 7 or so, which was just shy of the sign-up period. I had actually been practicing a couple nights before and I felt like I could beat a challenger or two, and if I could prove my worth with one of the many guests we had, it’d be like getting my name in the paper. A paper only I subscribe to. Something like this, but I have no paper. Just my mind and empty imagination.

Walking Dead: Judge, Jury, Executioner – Recap

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert! #Spoiler Alert – You’ve been warned, spoilers lie ahead, so don’t come crying to me because I don’t want to hear it.   Judge, Jury, Executioner marks the beginning of the end of civilization as we know it. Dramatic much? Well, that’s certainly how Dale felt as he attempts to convince the group to preserve their humanity and not execute Randall. Ah yes, Randall. Randall’s really been the gift that keeps on giving ever since Rick, Hershel, and Glenn rescued him back in Nebraska. It’s become painfully obvious that he wasn’t worth the trouble and they should have left his dumb ass impaled on that gate spike.

Astonishing X-Men #48 Review/Recap (Marjorie Liu/Mike Perkins)

Astonishing X-Men returned with volume three back in 2004 when Joss Whedon and John Cassaday came on to tell their own, in-continuity-but-still-its-own-series, title in the X-Men corner of the Marvel Universe. Unfortunately, the series has been plagued with delays and having 5 writers between the span of the last 14 issues that included a weird writer/artist change issue-to-issue (Daniel Way & Christos Gage wrote two different stories alternating from #36-42). It seemed the series wouldn’t have any stability. Starting with #48, that all seems to [hopefully] change as a new team has joined the book along with a shift change to the character roster. Marjorie Liu (X-23, NYX, Dark Wolverine) along with Mike Perkins (The Stand, House of M: Avengers) are bringing with them Gambit, Iceman, Northstar, Cecelia Reyes and Warbird as the new team members of the book, and keeping Wolverine.

Walking Dead: 18 Miles Out- Recap

Spoiler Alert. Spoiler Alert! #Spoiler Alert – You’ve been warned, spoilers lie ahead, so don’t come crying to me because I don’t want to hear it. We start off this episode with Shane being chased by hungry, hungry walkers and seeking safe haven in the magic school bus. I’m sure he mused to himself that, this never happened at my old zombie apocalypse. Nearby, the now retired from parkour kid, who’s name is Randall I guess, is tied up and trying to escape being eaten alive. Apparently the walkers interrupted some intense bondage play. For shame. They looked like they were having such a good time.

Getting Hyper Part I: SxSW Screenburn Exhibition Tournament (From a Fan’s Perspective)

  This past week, as every March in Austin, South by Southwest happened…  and it’s still happening.  While I dread the traffic and influx of bad drivers from other cities, this year there was something I could get hype for.  You see, I’m the type of guy, that once I experience something, I don’t need to experience it again.  Whether it be meeting Kevin Smith, attending an AFI concert or watching a man die from hanging.  While all of those were equally intriguing, I only need to see them once in my life. Fighting Game Tournaments, on the other hand, I could watch those all day long.  I had dabbled here and there, watching new and old tournament footage on Youtube last year, but what really hooked me in was watching all of EVO2K11 Live! on ustream.  I still watched it well after the event ended, feverishly, until fans and promoters alike were cutting the best footage into edible snippets for all to enjoy, posting them on youtube, where I began my collection of the most awesome tournaments, money matches and grudge fights. I’d show them to anybody that cared.  My favorite to date was actually one of our Video’s…

Straight Outta Austin: Episode One – Thongcast

R.I.P. Leslie. Sorry, this pic was much more appealing than your ass ever was. We begin this exciting edition of Punching the Walls of Reality Presents: the Straight Outta Austin podcast with Prometheus going on a random tirade (imagine that) about lame ass Howard Stern along with fellow boob enthusiasts. Then we somewhat get on topic and have an ad hoc discussion about the 1980s classic, Robocop; which somehow dessolves into a debate which movie was better Robocop or Dead or Alive. Then we finally get to our first topic; Digital Playground being hacked by a group of hackers known as The Consortium. Play Podcast Additionally we discuss: Emo teens being killed in Iraq for, yep you guessed it, for being emo. We even get into a little political discussion worthy of CNN (lulz) and then we make light of women not having rights in some other countries. To be fair, I’m sure he’d want to be put out of his misery too We talked about an article I found on J. Agamemnon’s favorite gaming website, IGN, entitled 1 in 3 Gamers Turned Off By Online Abuse. It’s a lame article about lame gamers who can’t handle the heat! Seriously,…