FUS RO DAH! : The Skyrim Blog from your fellow Dovahkiin

So, I’m assuming everyone and their companions have heard about or experienced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. This blog is going to be about my personal experience of the adventures I’ve had playing through and follied around in the many provinces around the country. So without further ado, take it away Mike Goldberg, “HERE WE GO!” Great Visuals   Traversing the land of Skyrim is not only fun and beautiful, but it is also the most dangerous place in the world. Getting mauled by cougars in Red Dead is one thing, but getting mauled by a Troll that comes out of nowhere can be downright bad for your health. I found myself during early levels constantly running aimlessly through caves or dungeons, only to be felled by those annoying ass traps. Those poisoned arrow traps are annoying as hell and have a seemingly infinite supply of arrows in them, and they are supposed to be a hundred years old. Pfft, gimme a break, sir!

Sexism in Video Games; And Why IGN has it Wrong…

I recently stumbled upon IGN, as I casually do every couple weeks, to see what nonsense they’re propagandizing this time around. As my day goes about, I find another bland “top ten” list or “5 reasons why blah blah, blah blah’s,” and then I stumble upon a gem . I urge you to read as it is actually quite an interesting take on the subject of sexism, however a bit misguided. It’s not the tone that I found ridiculous, rather it’s attempt at defining misogyny and how women in video games are portrayed with all the sanctity of a rub rag. Squarely, I take insult at the jab of one of my favorite characters in video games, Ivy Valentine. To be fair, Spaniards love gold and absolutely relish the fur trade…

Asura’s Wrath: First Impressions

Rawr … so I finally got around to playing this demo after hearing my partner in crime, J. Agamemnon, salivate over how it was “everything that he had hoped for.” He didn’t say those words exactly that but that’s as best as I can remember. Regardless, I must admit that although the game looks as cinematically impressive, as I had anticipated from watching the trailer, my impression of the game differs from his, if only ever so slightly.

New Year’s Resolutions and Attending Evo; Le Prologue

Well, peeps, it’s that time of year again. Every 365 days, the year begins anew, with new goals to be set, old ones to revisit and most importantly, we look back on how much we hated the previous year and how this time, it’s going to be better (even if it’s not). As far as previous resolutions, I pretty much nailed it. I tried my best to be a decent dad; still a noob. I’m staying steady on my diet and slowly losing weight. I started the year around 250 and I’m now down to 228. Sadly, my goal to save money at all, let alone my target goal of 5g, was not accomplished, so this year I will make a valiant effort to make it rain all up in my bank account. I’m currently pulling mad overtime at work to bring mama some of that honey slathered bacon. Also, Soul Calibur V comes out later this month and I’ve yet to pre-order it, so you can guess where some of that money is going.

The Future of Women’s Mixed Martial Arts

During the fourth quarter of 2011, there was speculation that Zuffa owned promotion, Strikeforce, would go the way of the WEC and find itself folded into the UFC. For those who don’t know (i.e. you, reader) Strikeforce is the largest promoter of Women’s Mixed Martial Arts. Thus, with the threat of Strikeforce closing its doors the future of WMMA too was threatened. Thankfully, there was a series of events which helped save the San Jose based promotion. While there are several events which contributed to Strikeforce’s survival, the most relevant one revolves around Olympic Judoka, Ronda Rousey. As you should already know, I heart Ronda Rousey. I heart Ronda Rousey so very much. Don’t be fooled she can kick your ass, yes you!

J. Agamemnon’s Top 10 for 2012 with 12 months in 1 Year which is 365 days; in a 15 minute read

Sorry for the title, but all wake and no sleep make J. “something something.”  Today is the final day of 2011, or the year of Murphy’s Law where anything that can go wrong, not only will go wrong, but gets progressively worse.  But alas, I look upon the horizon of 2012, as I will hopefully wake from a 4 hour nap so that I may celebrate into the wee hours of the night before having to prepare for work at 0500 hours.  If only we had a strong enough readership, I would ask how you are going to spend your last day on Earth in 2011.  But it’s not strong, so I’m giving something a bit more indulging to read.  And yeah, I know everyone else does it, but everyone else is stupid…and so are their lists.  They’re like an intro to Steve Irwin’s old TV show.  It used to be awesome, but now it’s just sad and depressing.  While I am like the intro to Jack Hanna’s Wild Country!  Because Jack Hanna condones killing Bengal Tigers let loose on the Ohio countryside whilst listening to this guy.   Before I derail this reading any further, let me bring you…

5 MORE Games Prometheus would love to see Resurrected!

Arise chicken, arise! 1) Bushido Blade is/was one of my favorite fighting games of all time. It’s so unique in its game play and concept. No game before or after has been anything like it. Bushio Blade introduced a very simple and straight forward concept, if you get stabbed with a sword or any other sharp instrument, you die! Or at the very least end up maimed. Why this series abruptly ended with Bushido Blade 2 is beyond me. No, Kengo or whatever that joke of a game was called absolutely doesn’t count. With the next-gen technology available the realism of Bushido Blade could seriously be expanded on. Instead of simply limping around when you’re maimed, we could see limps flying off and blood spraying like a fire hose. (Kill Bill anyone?) The addition of blood, or bleeding more specifically, would also add an interesting element to the game and another way to defeat your opponent. Instead of running them through or Highlandering their head, you could hack off a limb and cause them to bleed out. Then stand triumphantly, with a sinister grin, bathed in the blood of your fallen opponent, crying out for a worthy challenge! Or something to that effect. Either way, I’m absolutely…

Ten Multiplayer Changes That Need To Be Made In Battlefield 3

We’re pretty much 2 months past Battlefield 3′s release and although I haven’t had as much time as I would have preferred with the multiplayer aspect, I’ve had enough time to find more than a handful of glitches or weapon “disadvantages” that I’d love to gripe about.  Fortunately that awesome that is DICE, is already on the offensive with yet another patch to be released, hopefully, before the year’s end.  Although there are many, I’ve narrowed it down to twenty, but for the reader’s sake I’ll keep it simple(r).