Quintet – I’ll Bet

Simple but deep, just like the game.

Simple but deep, just like the game.

Hello again my friends, to another episode of the show where I type things, and hopefully you read them. Today’s topic is an interesting little game called Quintet. Quintet is all about team work, and flying around an MMO-esque, open spaced world, exploring, destroying, and maybe(in the not so distant future) scanning, science-ing, and negotiating your way (or war) around town. Cut to the chase, this game is a space ship simulator with a lot of emphasis on needing every part of your ship (AKA every player) working in tandem with each other to accomplish goals; simply Role Play as a starship captain, or blast other player ships out of the skies.

The choice is yours!

The choice is yours!

To start off, the game features four unique factions, each with their own emphasis on a different aspect of ship design, whether it be cloaking, or shields, weapons or remote-operated turrets. Each faction has a selection of five ships to choose from, ranging from one-person solo ships, to five-player operated cruisers which bring the death and destruction to bear. Each ship has a specific role and purpose within the fleet, making each ship a viable option to play and use no matter how many friends or strangers you happen to bring with you on your journey. The game is an interesting concept, albeit not a new one. But as free to play games go, I can’t complain when someone releases a game right up my alley and asks for nothing in return. Many people who will read this and are interested in the game play might be assaulted by the slight similarity between this game and another not-so-popular release named “Artemis Star Ship Bridge Simulator” wherein the same principles still apply, albeit vastly simplified and streamlined (which i admittedly like more).

I would call it more of a clay box.

I would call it more of a clay box.

So, my fellow star ship entrepreneurs, welcome to the PvP

sandbox portion of the game. But what do I do? How do I get started!? Well that’s easy my friend. Just navigate yourself (If you aren’t already there) to the lobby, where you can see lists upon lists of player ships currently in service(Pictured Below). Joining a ship requires the arduous task of clicking your left mouse button on the desired position, and poof, there you are inside a ship of a competent(hopefully) captain.

Joining a crew has never been easier.

Joining a crew has never been easier.

Speaking of Captains…

Where no on- well...few people have gone before...

Where no one- well…few people have gone before…

Welcome to the Captain’s seat. You are the foremost authority on your trip through oblivion. It is up to you to keep the crew focused, and on top of their metaphorical shit. It’s up to you to plot

your course through space, choosing which sectors you and your loyal, and no doubt non-mutinous (not that you CAN mutiny…yet…), crew should travel


The universe as you know it...right guys...right!?

The universe as you know it…right guys…right!?

This seat really only requires the mouse to play, as you click buttons

to activate your limited, yet purposeful and absolutely necessary, list of commands. On the left side of the screen, as all seats will have this screen, are the currently accessible targets in the immediate sector. Though, as Captain of your vessel, you should play the role of dictating which targets are of higher value, and direct your crew mates to help destroy specific targets, lest you find your science officer targeting a different ship then your Tactical Officer (Tac), while your engineer screams his head off about damages to your hull. As you might have noticed, you also have a few other options as Captain of your star ship; Self-destruction, while fun and if used correctly, devastating to any nearby ships, is an obvious last resort should you need it. You are also fully capable

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of going to yellow or red alert, which isn’t all that handy yet, as it merely lets out a few brief danger noises before cutting off for the duration of the selection. Just as well, it is your duty to maintain order on your ship, and should a crew member be incapable of performing their duties, feel free to airlock them out into space (in an escape pod, unfortunately). And last, but not least, as Captain you are fully capable of manning a secondary station, any station, whether it be manned by a fellow player or not, to help smooth over any bumps along the road.

Take us out, ensign!

Take us away, Ensign!

The Helmsman is the second seat in your ship, and as I will state multiple times in this review, an equally important part of the ships makeup. Though, despite its importance, I will note this position is by far the most boring on the ship, comparatively to others. You are the pilot, you aim the ship, you get us away from trouble, or too it, depending on what the Captain’s crazy orders are. It is up to you to initiate the warp jump, and let the Captain know how long until your warp engines are off their cool down. Without a competent person in this position, your Tac officer may not be able to fire his weapons properly, or at the correct portions of the damaged enemy ship, to take advantage of weakened shields or hull on an enemy vessel. The controls for this game are pretty simple, arrow keys navigate your ship within sector space, and you can either use buttons to control the speed of your ship, or simply click the percentage you wish the ship’s speed to be at.



Next up is the Tac station. No doubt one of the most sought after positions on the crew. You control the guns, which isn’t as simple as that sentence makes it sound. You have three basic weapons, the first being your beam laser. The beam laser is by far your most useful tool of the trade, and has a 360-degree firing arc, so don’t be afraid to spam it at the enemy ship. Now.. if you have looked at the screen above, you are probably wondering to yourself just what those letters signify just below the beam laser option. Though… I have no doubt that those of you who watched Jean-Luc Picard romp around the known galaxy probably have a basic idea. Those are your laser frequencies, which must be carefully tuned, as each time you switch frequencies it leaves your gun on a reasonable cool down before you are able to use it again. But, if tuned correctly, watch and laugh, then cry with joy, as you watch your beams fly straight through the enemy’s shield, dealing direct hull damage which can quickly cripple your enemies. Your second and third tools of the trade are your forward and aft torpedoes (Front and back). These suckers won’t punch through shields directly, as they cannot have their frequencies modified, but a direct hit from one is nothing to scoff at, as they do massive damage with a 30-second(or

so) cool down to go along with it. Now… while you can easily fire your laser around your ship, your torpedoes will be next to useless if your Helmsman cannot properly aim your cruiser toward the enemy, as torpedoes have a much smaller firing arc(pretty much directly in front, or behind your ship), and trust

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me, you want to use your torpedoes.

Cap'n we've got the powa!

Cap’n we’ve got the powa!

Engineering is the next step down the line, and boy if this isn’t one of my favorite positions besides being Captain. It is your job to maintain the hull integrity of the ship, by selecting damaged sections to focus your engineering crew to quickly (but not too quickly) work on repairing back to working condition.

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Don’t let anything fall too low, as you will see the performance of your ship drop, and god forbid if you lose weapons or engines during a fight, as you will quickly be turned into slagged chunks of scrap metal. Along with this grave responsibility, you are also able to activate three unique boosts to the ship. (Seen in

the top

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right of the above picture.) There are three different categories of bonuses, allowing you to choose one of each color. So, one yellow bonus, one red, and one blue; all three may be activated simultaneously. So should you hear your captain yell out to give a boost to ship’s thrusts, beam damage, and shield recharge, you might want to listen to him since you are probably about to engage

the enemy. Additionally, the engineer has a few minor powers (seen in the bottom right of the screen shot), which differ in their abilities from faction to faction. I won’t spoil any of those, as they are a quarter of the fun.

Science me? Not if I science you first!

Science me? Not if I science you first!

The final and yes… that’s right…equally important crew role is the Science Officer. Science officers are where the vast majority of the ships powers are activated. You can hack an enemy ship, transfer shields from them to you, and a whole wide array of different things, again, differing from race to race. It is also your job to keep an eye on the ships overall shields, and let the captain, and also the helmsman, know when one section is starting to fail, so that your crewmen

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can reposition the ship so other portions of the shield will take the brunt of the hits, or just run altogether from the fight. With shield control also comes the ability to modulate your shields. (You didn’t think your enemies are the only ones who can be compromised, did you?) Simply clicking the modulate button will generate a random letter, useful if the enemy has figured out your shield’s frequencies. But how do you know, and they know, what your shields are set to? Well, you scan them of course, just so long as you are within range. Pushing this will bring up a handy dandy bunch of text displayed in the top right corner of the engineer’s screen, detailing the health status of what you just scanned, along with the ship’s frequency letter, which you should then let your Tac Officer know about. This is invaluable information to have, and it is vitally important that you and your Tac Officer work together to help speed along killing enemy ships. If you have those shifty eyes that I so adore, you might have noticed that one last slot on the ship labeled as “Viewscreen” which is essentially a glorified spectator, nothing too crazy, but useful if you need to swap out positions with another member of the crew, or want an extra person to tag along in case something doesn’t work out. This is another game I give the official Ingredients stamp of approval to, and am still waiting for Agamemnon to put in my order for such a device in the “Are You Fucking Crazy?” magazine I loyally subscribe too.

The game is well worth its money because its *cough* FREE *hack*, and is being constantly updated by its game developers, some of whom I have met during the first few days

of the game’s opening on Steam. They took my crazy babble like real men(which is no small feat), and any problems I voiced, they took seriously and gave competent explanations to. I can’t argue with competence, or free, or quality, or any of these words which barely scratch the surface

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of what this game can truly become. So now, I will direct you towards your nearest Steam browser, and demand that you download and try it, if you are into that sort of thing. And, as always, I love you guys tons. -Ingredients