Scarlett Johansson’s Next Big Action Movie




Luc Besson can arguably be attributed as a trailblazer of having women as primary ass-kickers in movies like The Fifth Element or The Professional.  In his latest action flick, he aims to put established talent and newcomer action star, Scarlett Johansson, in his new movie Lucy according to the Hollywood Reporter

Written by Besson himself, Lucy centers around a woman who becomes a drug mule against her will.  Assumingly, the drugs in her body leak from their package and her body absorbs it.  Instead of negatively affecting her, the mystery drug gives her heightened senses, impervious to pain and  she can use telekinetic abilities.  This movie will not only bring Besson back to his roots, but also helps solidify Scarlett Johansson as an action heroine.  Johansson will also be starring in a supporting role in the upcoming Captain America movie, alongside Chris Evans.  So shooting Lucy might come some time after Captain America has wrapped up.  Stay tuned and check back for more new.


- The “Scarlett Johansson Fan Club President” Agamemnon


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