Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 152 – Staple Con 2015

Straight Outta Austin Crew

Uncle Staple returns to Straight Outta Austin! to tell us all about Staple Con 2015! We get the ins and outs of who’s attending Staple this year, what kind of panels you can expect and why Staple is definitely a con that you need to check out!

For the latter half of the episode Prometheus, Fuzzy Slippers, Ice and BloodOcean07 tackle the headlines! We cover the end of the Marvel universe, Nick Cage’s latest decent into madness, The Walking Dead spin off that no one cares about crossing over with The “real” Walking Dead. BloodOcean07 recaps his experience at PAX South and Prometheus learns how to pronounce Chiwetel Ejiofor’s name… kind of…


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