Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 153 – Death Saves

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This week Josh Trujillo joins us on Straight Outta Austin! to tell us all about his Kickstarter for the Death Saves Anthology! Death Saves collects 16 all-new comic book stories about what happens when fantasy gaming characters run out of hit points. We discuss why you should check out the anthology, how you can contribute, and when you can expect to see it in print. 

Josh joins us for the latter half of the episode as we tackle the headlines! We cover Terry Crews wanting to play Silver Surfer, how awful we think the new Fantastic Four movie will be, Joss Whedon wanting to make a “female Batman” movie, a Swedish reality show about hunting down online trolls, why you shouldn’t mess with the 4th tier Red Power Ranger, and the sad news that surprises no ones, the 6th Game of Thrones book will not be coming out this year. Here’s to a 2016 release, we hope!



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