Straight Outta Austin! Interviews Brian LoSoya of Zero Charisma!


We are truly privileged to have had the opportunity to speak with up and coming actor Brian LoSoya who plays the character Leonard in the amazing film, Zero Charisma! We get to know a bit about Brian, including his foray into acting, how he got involved in Zero Charisma, and what makes him geek out!

You can follow Brian LoSoya on Twitter @BrianLosoya

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Zero Charisma is in theaters now and is also available on Video on Demand (VOD). It’s a fantastic film and we highly recommend that you go see it! 

If you’re in the Austin area, you can check out Zero Charisma at the Alamo Drafthouse Village, Friday, October 18th @ 10:05p!

Special Thanks to the Tribeca Film and Nerdist Industries for distributing the film!

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