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In issue four of Super!, we explore the latter side of the superhero business.  What happens when you hang up the cape?  Are you rewarded for your years of service?  Is there a nice, cushy retirement plan with your name on it?  Well, Golden Age Home for Retired Super Beings is where you’d probably find out.

A villain from the past, the Russian Rocket, returns to find his arch-nemesis, the Crimson Comet, in order to prove once and for all the superior might of the Soviet Union over weak American sovereignty.  Sadly, he returns to see the aged Crimson Comet not only making assisted living look like heaven, but also suffering a bit of a lapse in memory.  Blitz and crew give the Russian Rocket a run for his rubles, but this Soviet-era hero was built with all the pride and bravado Mother Russia had to offer in the height of the Cold War.  What chance does Max Archer’s finest stand against a villain matched only by the city’s former greatest hero, twice removed?  I’d love to tell you, but I’d urge you to pick up an issue from Comixology and find out yourself.

My only gripe about issue 4 is that it didn’t come out soon enough!  However, it was worth the wait.  I thought I had a vast mental library filled with pop cultures references only I and a handful of friends could understand.  It’s a wonderful feeling to read Super! (every issue thus far) and see nice little tidbits, quotes and innuendos referencing some of my favorite movies, games and tv shows.  What’s scary about Piatt’s knack for references is that I’m left seriously wondering if there’s references that I’m not catching.  It’s just a small testament to this comic’s uniqueness.  Sure there’s plenty of writers that reference popular movie quotables, but none make the cliche feel so natural and original.  Piatt owns the references and make searching for them feel like a rewarding easter egg hunt.

Zach Dolan and the wonderful art team are no slouches either!  It’s one thing to have Blitz quote Rocky IV, but the real searching starts with examining the panels for visual references.  I can only imagine the painstaking efforts an artist goes through in order to paint finite little details maybe no one will notice.  But it’s there and you’ll be left wondering just who it was that was choking on turducken on live television.  For me, it’s the thought that counts.  Dolan delivers another incredible cover along with beautiful interiors, kick-ass fight scenes and poster-worthy splash pages littered with incredible detail.

You can catch Super! on Comixology as well as their home page.  Request it at your local comic shop so we can get these issues out faster.  Side note: I need that mug.


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