Super Issue 6 Review


Written by: Justin Piatt and Zachary Dolan

Art: Zachary Dolan

Inks: Laurie Foster & Tara Kappel

Following another successful Kickstarter campaign, Unlikely Heroes Studios brings us the long awaited 6th issue of their superhero comedy, Super! This issue is jam packed with their unique brand of comedy which is at the core of what makes this series so damn entertaining. If you’re already a fan of the series then you’ll definitely appreciate what this issue has in store for you. Even if you’re brand new to Super!, you’ll likely fall in love with this series and its hilarious characters. The jokes are as sharp as ever and the art is downright gorgeous.

Issue 6 kicks things off with one of my favorite comedic devices, a pun. Right off the bat we’re introduced to Cosmopolis’ impression of the Riddler, The Puzzle Pimp! He’s decked out in a purple suit covered with question marks but the real humor comes by way of his ridiculously over-the-top plan to have his henchwomen, affectionally called his “tricks”; Enigma, Mystery, Conundrum, kidnap a billionaire. It’s silly pun, and an even sillier situation but it works. The Puzzle Pimp provides some laughs without overstaying his welcome.

This issue centers around Silhouette battling cryptic forces who are up to nefarious and equally cryptic things. Between her encounter with Nephthys and her dance with the devil don’t expect any major revelations about Silhouette but you can definitely expect an enjoyable ride nevertheless.  The lead up to the cliff hanger ending is clever and amusingly foreshadowed throughout as the characters absentmindedly miss the clues around them. While the issue is mostly focused on Silhouette, the rest of the team still have opportunities for their own comedic gold. The scene with Blood Death is easily one of my favorites and the banter between Blitz and Silhouette is pretty damn amusing. There’s an epic concert scene reminiscent of the science convention in issue 2. There are so many familiar characters and references that it’s fun to just take a minute and see if you can identify them all. And not to mention, marvel at the artwork. Did I mention that the art in this book is absolutely gorgeous? 

Super! absolutely hits the mark with this issue and we even get a nice jab at Todd Mcfarlane’s Spawn. I don’t even dislike Spawn but I couldn’t help but get a good laugh at his expense. By the end of the issue I was left wanting more, which, in my opinion, is exactly what you want out of a comic. Here’s hoping that issue 7 will soon be on its way!

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