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Save File Corrupted?!:Episode 36 – Mutants Can’t Fly

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Save File Corrupted?! is back! This week we discuss the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, all two hours of it, that is, Microsoft investors wanting their new CEO to kill the Xbox, and how Capcom is discontinuing the MT framework engine for future games. We also let you know what we’ve been playing. Prometheus is still making his way through Deus Ex: Human Revolution and gives us an update on his progress, meanwhile Bobbybeatle gives his first impression of Metro: Last Light, while Agamemnon give us the run down on Lego Marvel Superheroes!

Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 102 – Unacceptable!

We’re absolutely teeming with excitement to be joined, once again, by Kelli Nova of Weird-Girls.com! The excitement reaches such a fever pitch that Agamemnon passes out towards the latter half of the episode. Thankfully, Kelli Nova has more than enough energy to compensate and then some! We discuss the comments Clark Greg made concerning detractors of Agents of Shield, Dr. Doom potentially being gender swapped in the Fantastic Four reboot, Ice-T accidentally reading a Dungeons and Dragons audiobook and of course World War Shia continues! [powerpress]

Let’s Play Tomb Raider Part 3! – I am a Weapon

    In this rather lackluster display of skill and wits, Prometheus trains his bow skills and gets frustrated when he finds he can’t just simply pull arrows out of dead things. He also runs around in circles about 3 times before he finds the exit to the forest. BobbyBeatle also joins us in this episode and brings some much needed wisdom which Prometheus does not follow. Also, Agamemnon thinks he’s funny… but he’s not.  

Uncanny X-Force #13 Review

    The X-men finally get their shit together, having defeated their Revenants (literally their inner demons) along with their long and drawn-out pasts, and now coherently assembled with Bishop, a large Revenant bear and Spiral, the nostalgic X-Men villain.  Previously, the Revenant Queen revealed herself with some surprise, as

Straight Outta Austin!:Episode 78 – Were You d’here?

  In this week’s episode of Straight Outta Austin! we made our first attempt at a live broadcast. For those who missed it, we’ll light a candle for ya. We had fun at the expense of criminals who used an odd assortment of weapons in their heinous crimes; everything from buttered toast, a box of ice and a water gun. We also talk about what all the internet is a buzz about, Ben Affleck playing Batman.

Thunderbolts #12-13 Review

    These last two issues have been pretty enjoyable, especially issue #12.  Of all my titles, I’d have to rank T-Bolts as either 2nd or 3rd with Guardians of The Galaxy.  Captain Marvel being my #1.  Before I get into the story, I have to say that as much as I like Steve Dillon’s art, it gets bland sometimes.  His primary saving grace is that he draws a lot of bloody imagery very nicely.  Issue 13 shifts art duties onto Phil Noto and it compliments the new story very well. 

The FGC and Its Bad Habits

    By now, I’m sure many of you reading this understand the relevancy of the title, and the hot button issues that have sprung as of late.  I came across an interesting article this morning by Giant Bomb writer, Patrick Klepek, which shed some much needed light on the subject of collusion and it’s lengthy history.  I really applaud the article for it’s content and clarification on collusion within the FGC, along with incredible and undeniable evidence that dates back as far as 2004.  That’s something you don’t get from Kotaku and IGN.  Now naysayers have no leg to stand on, just their own ignorance. 

Uncanny X-Force #8 Review

    Uncanny X-Force starts where it left off, with Cluster wooing the juices out of Psylocke’s vajayjay.  Psylocke admits to being addicted to stealing things, and for some reason hates Fantomex for pointing that out in an earlier conversation.  Flash forward to our present story, where Cluster and Psylocke are stuck in a prison cell.  Being imprisoned must bring the reminiscence out of people, because suddenly Cluster starts rattling off about the good times her, Psylocke and Fantomex had.  Oh how I can imagine.  Cluster pleads with Psylocke to let go of the past and forgive Fantomex for his wrongdoing.  But with Psylocke being such a headstrong person, I have a hard time believing it will be so simple.