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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 123: Invincible… NO MORE!

Celebrations and condolences are both due this week with Valiant celebrating their one millionth copy of X-O Manowar sold and Robert Kirkman revealing the end of Invincible is coming. There’s also plenty of Spider-Man news with comics and the upcoming movie! Plus: Find out who’s coming to CW’s Flash and Arrow shows, the new TV show Marvel and Hulu will be bringing us, who confirmed what for Avengers: Infinity War and much, much more!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 115: Supermantastic

Big announcements this week that includes Superman actually appearing with no tricks for the premiere of Supergirl season 2! Yeah, for realsies! Also get ready for the cast of characters that’ll appear in the upcoming Justice League Action animated series, what the new comic from Mark Millar and Greg Capullo is (and when it’ll debut), plus news on who’s coming to the next seasons for Flash and Legends of Tomorrow! It’s all here and movie news with Thor filming date, Wolverine rumored titles and moooore!!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 083: The JLA and NYCC

This week there’s news of a new Justice League of America animated series confirmed by Cartoon Network! Find out when you should expect it along with more Marvel series announcement and teases for upcoming works in 2016! More TV synopsis, a Boom comic optioned for the small screen, lots of news updates on Marvel’s Phase 3… and oh yeah! New York freaking Comic Con! There’s just Friday coverage here so you have to tune in next episode for the second parts, but for now, see what Day 1 news there is!!       [display_podcast]

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 075: Fantastic Bore

We welcome back special guest Peter Rivera this week as we dish out, very harshly admittedly, on FOX’s Fantastic Four reboot. We also go on about Marvel’s Cinematic Universe of past and future, our excitement over Batman V Superman and geeking about how badass Batman is, talk about CW’s Arrow, Flash and the rest of their created and upcoming shows in their DCTV-U and much, much more!   [display_podcast]

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 045: Night Of The DC Newsiverse

DC dominating the news continues! Donna Troy makes her New 52 debut soon, but how? What’s “new” about her? The Arrow/Flash-verse expands with Vixen! Flash and Arrow get renewed and future episode synopsis revealed! Spin-offs, castings, and people leaving movies- oh my! Stay and listen also for what Marvel comic ongoing is confirmed and which comic won’t be going anywhere, amid cancellations of others at the House of Ideas! Plus don’t you want to know more on what’s going on in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and more? I sure do!!

My Thoughts, Solicited: January 2015 Solicitations

My Thoughts, Solicited returns for the new year! And what a way to start 2015 with what’s in store this month! An old friend comes back to Marvel after over two decades away while Marvel also prepares their first weekly ongoing series! DC inches closer to Convergence, with what possibly could be another universe reboot (as far as rumors go) and Spawn hits a landmark anniversary issue! All that and more, so look on ahead and see what’s what!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 037: Fantastic(Less) Four

You got novels on Ant-Man! You got novels on Deadpool! You got the Peanuts gang turning 65 years old next year! You got lots o’ things in this week’s Comic Bubble Podcast episode! Shady guys and dogs are involved, DC releases info on another 10 Convergence mini series that involve the return of Kingdom Come and Gen13, and even news on upcoming cancelled comics for Marvel, a new ongoing, and another that could-maybe-possibly happen. Jim Starlin keeps working more with his creation, Thanos, casting calls, and the entire plot of FOX’s Fantastic Four movie is (likely) revealed? You don’t want to miss this!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 033: Age of Bubbletron

Due to last minute plans, Amuro Jay will be joining us next week! But fret not, for there is still comic-y goodness to talk about! Especially the “leaked” Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer that became “official” an hour later! Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaw maybe? Hawkeye gets a relaunch while Cain Marko seeks to be the Unstoppable Juggernaut once more! X-Men gets a new writer and new characters announced for Lego Batman 3! Make sure to listen for who Keanu Reeves would’ve loved to play in the comic world, what Lady Gaga owns with her newly bought mansion, plus news on Arrow casting, a house for sale and more!