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My Thoughts, Solicited: May 2015 Solicitations

Big things happening in May! Avengers: Age of Ultron! Free Comic Book Day! Along with that, we have DC’s Convergence winding up its short and quick Spring event as Marvel starts theirs with Secret Wars. If that wasn’t enough boom for your pleasure, we’ll finally find out who the new (lady) Thor is. It’s a whole new worlds that are coming our way.

My Thoughts, Solicited: October 2014 Solicitations

As I continue to tinker around with this, trying to make it better for everyone, be excited for more expansion into other comic companies! Have a little fun with some magic in Cloaks and exploration of alternate realities with Multiversity! And while it’s time to head back to school with some creepiness factor added in, let us all also remember our fallen friend, who will likely be back in time for the Apocalypse movie (or not, depending on the so-called feud between Fox and Marvel), Wolverine….