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Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 12/2

We’re back! Welcome to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Rocket Girl #7, Invincible Iron Man #4 and Daredevil #1!

My Thoughts, Solicited: August 2015 Solicitations

As summer goes on, it gets hotter and the same thing can be said for comics! Great series continue to be great, old favorites come back again, some in new forms (that being comics, of course) and new things that are just awesome from the get-go. See what the look-out books for August are and make sure to grab ’em when they come out!  

My Thoughts, Solicited: May 2015 Solicitations

Big things happening in May! Avengers: Age of Ultron! Free Comic Book Day! Along with that, we have DC’s Convergence winding up its short and quick Spring event as Marvel starts theirs with Secret Wars. If that wasn’t enough boom for your pleasure, we’ll finally find out who the new (lady) Thor is. It’s a whole new worlds that are coming our way.