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Best of Sarah Fong Cosplay

Sarah Fong is self described as a cartooned costumer and legendary blanket fort architect. These are obviously most excellent perks to pad out a resume. On top of all that, Sarah Fong has some of the best cosplay that I’ve seen and they’re of some of my favorite characters no less. Specifically, her Cammy and Sakura cosplay are absolutely phenomenal! Also in the Capcom and Street Fighter universe, are Ibuki and Blaze which are great in their own right.

Katybear Does Cammy Cosplay

KatyBear, as she’s known to the cosplay community, has always loved dressing up and after trying cosplay for the first time she was hooked. I’m sure that being born on Halloween couldn’t have hurt. KatyBear first started cosplaying two years ago, at the behest of her husband, after being inspired by what she saw at Con-Nichiwa in Tucson, Arizona. Her favorite cosplay, thus far, is her favorite character, Cammy. Cammy is also a favorite character of mine and hence why this week is dedicated to that Katybear’s Cammy cosplay!