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Marvel vs Capcom 4? Puh-lease…

Over the past weekend, rumors starting springing up through the stream monster community, accompanied with – or perhaps fueled by – an ominous, and rather awful-looking “4” which obviously meant Marvel vs Capcom 4 will be announced soon.  As extremely exciting as this sounds, I have my doubts this is even true. First of all, according to this article from Shoryuken, that ominous 4 you see above was fan-created.  As far as I’ve been able to dig up, any and all rumors begin off the appearance of this image almost a week ago, but was revealed early Monday morning to be fake by its creator.  You can catch a link to that reveal in the Shoryuken article.  Then yesterday, Polygon’s article pops up about 12 hours later, attempting to legitimize the claims, but I guess we won’t find out until the Playstation Experience event set for this weekend.  You know, according to their mysterious “multiple sources”.  If by multiple sources, they mean the internet, then I guess anything is reliable.   That comes to my second thought; why is this coming from “multiple sources”, instead of “Marvel insiders” or “sources close to the project”?  You know, a source I can…

Save File Corrupted?!:Episode 36 – Mutants Can’t Fly

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, Save File Corrupted?! is back! This week we discuss the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes, all two hours of it, that is, Microsoft investors wanting their new CEO to kill the Xbox, and how Capcom is discontinuing the MT framework engine for future games. We also let you know what we’ve been playing. Prometheus is still making his way through Deus Ex: Human Revolution and gives us an update on his progress, meanwhile Bobbybeatle gives his first impression of Metro: Last Light, while Agamemnon give us the run down on Lego Marvel Superheroes!

Let’s Play Dragon’ s Dogma – Part 1

We take a break from the FPS and Action/Adventure games to delve into a very underrated RPG, Dragon’s Dogma! BobbyBeatle walks us through the game mechanics while kicking an ass or three. If you’re unfamiliar with Dragon’s Dogma and you’re looking for a new RPG to cut your teeth on, I’d highly recommend checking this out!

Save File Corrupted?!:Episode 26 – PS4 Backwards Compatible?

The trifecta that is Save File Corrupted?! returns with plenty of video game hilarity. We cover GTAV’s billionaire status, Capcom facing bankruptcy, the PS4’s quasi backward compatibility, Sega buying Index (Atlus’s parent company), and Blizzard shutting down Diablo 3’s Auction House. Of course, we also pay our respects to video game pioneer Hiroshi Yamauchi who died at 85.

Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 23 – Part II – Disk Locked Content

In Episode 23 – Part II of Save File Corrupted?! we cover the news and have more than a few laughs. We talk about the latest on the PS4 and XBox One, EA embracing the LGBT community,  a new Left 4 Dead game, BioShock Infinite DLC taking us back to Rapture, Star Wars: Battlefront expected for the summer of 2015, a potential end to the Assassin’s Creed franchise, and a next gen sequel to Tomb Raider! Enjoy, again!

Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 23 – Part I – Casualties of Spec Ops

In this episode of Save File Corrupted?! we get the run down on Spec Ops: The Line, not just the uniqueness of the game but also the headache of trying to get the damn game to work! We also revisit Last of Us and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom! This episode initially ran for about two hours so we split it into two parts. Enjoy Part I!

Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 22 – Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 Redux

In this episode of Save File Corrupted?! we discuss the announcement that competitive gaming has been recognized as a pro sport in the U.S. And all this time your parents said they would just rot your brain. We also talk about the potential “balance” for Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3, our personal favorite of the Soul Calibur series, Soul calibur 2 being re-released this fall, more Borderlands 2 DLC as well as Borderlands 2 devs addressing the lack of personality in their playable characters, and lastly Eidos Montreal founder resigning.

DmC: Devil May Cry Review

Far be it for me to review a game I’m hardly fit to do any justice when it comes to gameplay.  If you listen to our podcasts, and you really should, you know that BobbyBeatle plays this game with the accuracy and skill of Dante himself.  When he picks up that controller, you see Triple S in mere seconds.  The kid is a virtual battery when it comes to combos.  While not as big an enthusiast for the series as Beatle, I really do love the characters and mythos behind Devil May Cry.  Most of all I love Hideki Kamiya, the original series creator, who had nothing to do with this game.  Also since Beatle hasn’t done a review for us in over a year(SAD FACE!), it’s up to me to bring you the review you need, but not the one you deserve.