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Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 3/9

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Green Lantern Corps: Edge Of Oblivion #3 (Of 6), Doctor Strange #6 and The Mighty Thor #5!

Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 2/3

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Doctor Strange #5, Paper Girls #5 and Vision #4!

Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 11/4

  Welcome to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Uncanny X-Men #600, Extraordinary X-Men #1 and James Bond #1!     Uncanny X-Men #600 Marvel Written by: Brian Michael Bendis Art by: Sara Pichelli, Mahmud Asrar, Stuart Immonen, Kris Anka, Chris Bachalo, David Marquez and Frazier Irving The long awaited (six months to be exact) finale to Bendis’ run and… not exactly up to par. This isn’t to say that it was a terrible issue, because it wasn’t. It was just… disappointing to an extent. If you’re going to keep someone waiting half a year for an issue, it better be epic or grand. It wasn’t either of those. This is the issue where we finally get to see “The Trial of Beast”, where it actually was a trial by peers, not by an judge and jury. Bendis told the story as everyone who’s been part of the school was there, filling up their cafeteria (who took the time to move all those tables?!). As everyone tried to explain to Beast the laws of nature and physics that he broke, Bendis broke it up with scenes that took prior to the trial, showing what certain…

My Thoughts, Solicited: October 2015 Solicitations

We may be about half-way through October and the year’s getting closer to ending, but the fun isn’t stopping! Marvel begins their All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe (even though Secret Wars still rages on) and DC is still continuing with a pretty-much-powerless Superman and a new Batman, and Boom! Studios has a reunion going on between two creators! See what October has to offer, so if it’s already out and you don’t have it, give it a shot and you just might like it.

The Comic Bubble: Battle of The Atom Field Report 0XMN004

    Like the Phoenix I arise from the death with life anew. Unfortunately without an advanced healing factor like Wolverine’s or Sabretooth’s, any pain I go through takes normal time. But that’s not important! What is important is that I bring forth the latest what’s-what on Battle of the Atom with the last three chapters! So no more chit-chat or patty-whacks. Let’s dig right in!

The Comic Bubble: X-Men: Battle of the Atom Field Report 0XMN003

  This week we’re back to Bendis again in the writing department as he’s joined by regular X-Men artist, Chris Bachalo.       Part 4 of Battle of the Atorm in Uncanny X-Men came out this past Wednesday as the Uncanny team (on Utopia) try to assess the situation with young Scott and Jean. Meanwhile we’re treated to S.H.I.E.L.D. director Maria Hill freaking out and labeling Hank McCoy as the worst person ever. Worse than Magneto? Damn, that’s some award.  

My Thoughts, Solicited: October 2013 Solicitations- Marvel

  A day late and a dollar short, but nevertheless I come out of Tartarus itself to make sure you still get to see what Marvel’s October highlights are. Infinity keeps rolling on! Thunderbolts get to come out and plaaa-i-aaay! Battle of the Atom comes to a surprising end with twists and turns along in its second half and Astonishing X-Men gets to go to that big house in the sky. Now where are we going to see a shirtless Gambit?  

The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 3

It’s back! More Marvel NOW! books have appeared on the comic shelves of your local comic shops and thus more books to give the low-down to. People still say “low-down” right? Here, presented before all of you, are the NOW! books that were released in January 2013.          Uncanny X-Force Written by Sam Humphries Art by Ron Garney   What’s up so far: Storm is joined by Psylocke and Puck as they deal with Spiral and a new mutant girl, although the situation doesn’t become any easier when Bishop is back in town from the extreme far future. About the 68th century! Bishop is still a villain. Bishop still has his sight set on capturing a mutant girl, though not Hope this time. It’s the aforementioned new mutant girl with Spiral. Oh- and Bishop be rocking the large dreadlocks now, with a beard to boot. Also, Fantomex and Cluster*, new lovers are on the search for Dark Fantomex* before Psylocke gets hurt.