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First Look at The Avengers’ Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

We’ve been teased with the concept art of The Avengers‘ Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Now we’re actually getting to several pictures of Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) on set. There’s even a little bit of bonus Hawkeye for you Clint Barton fans out there. 

Interview: Cosplayer Aigue-Marine

  One of the first cosplay spotlights I did for this site featured one of my favorite cosplayers, who hails from Germany. She goes by the name of Aigue-Marine and I’m delighted to have been given the opportunity to conduct an interview with her. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!

‘The Flash’ TV Series coming to the CW

While DC Comics/Warner Bros can’t seem to get a foothold in the cinematic world, they’ve been making headway into the television world with the success of Arrow, and Smallville before it. The Flash is up next to be the latest DC hero to get a series on the CW. The Flash will be produced by the same creative team behind Arrow as DC hopes to recreate that success.

Best of Riddle Cosplay

Riddle is a fantastic cosplayer from Atlanta, Georgia who maintains a secret identify, claiming that if she speaks ‘her real’ name she’ll disappear. She’s been cosplaying for over 12 Years! So it should come as no surprise that loves cosplaying and feels that it’s a great way to express her passion for the hobbies she loves. In addition to cosplaying as a hobby she’s even done make-up work for both  X-Men: First Class and Teen Wolf!

Ardella Does Power Girl Cosplay

Ardella is a cosplayer from Australia who just so happens to do a fantastic Power Girl cosplay. As you can clearly see, there’s absolutely no surprised as to why it’s her most famous cosplay. Ardella is also the host for the web show, “Planet of the Capes“, dedicated to the wonderful world of cosplay. It’s definitely worth giving a watch if for nothing else but hear her sweet accent!

Best of Liz Katz Cosplay

Liz Katz is self-described as ‘half nerd on her father’s side and half mystical creature on her mother’s’. That pretty much sums it up. In addition to being a successful cosplayer she’s has her own web show, Superhero Boot Camp. She also stars and co-wrote, along with Sam Marconi, the Star Wars parody, Star Wars VII – Return of The Empire.

Straight Outta Austin!:Episode 60 – Boob Window

  That’s right folks, we’ve reached another milestone! We’re proud to present to you episode 60 of Straight Outta Austin! In this episode we break from our mandate to keep video games strictly on the Save File Corrupted?! podcast and talk about Injustice: Gods Among Us. We also discuss a gamut of comic book movies; Iron Man 3, Man of Steel and X-Men: Days of Future Past, specifically Halle Berry’s awful Storm costume. We end by talking about the greatness of 3rd Rock from the Sun!