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Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 4/6

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Uncanny X-Men #6, Superman #51 and Black Panther #1!

Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 3/23

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Batman #50 and Uncanny X-Men #5!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 086: The Hugo, The Strange(r)

Hugo Strange appearing on FOX’s Gotham and who will play him is but one of the big announcements covered this week (and more casting news for the show)! Plus: Supergirl joins the round of synopsis, Marvel plays the retcon card on a mutant, more Joker and Robin rumors dealing with Batman, where you can see the cast and director of Star Wars on TV and much more!!     [display_podcast] Don’t forget: The Comic Bubble records live Fridays at 9pm/8pm Central on Mixlr.com/TheComicBubble! You can also subscribe via iTunes and follow on Facebook! And also follow The Comic Bubble on Twitter!

My Thoughts, Solicited: October 2015 Solicitations

We may be about half-way through October and the year’s getting closer to ending, but the fun isn’t stopping! Marvel begins their All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe (even though Secret Wars still rages on) and DC is still continuing with a pretty-much-powerless Superman and a new Batman, and Boom! Studios has a reunion going on between two creators! See what October has to offer, so if it’s already out and you don’t have it, give it a shot and you just might like it.

My Thoughts, Solicited: May 2015 Solicitations

Big things happening in May! Avengers: Age of Ultron! Free Comic Book Day! Along with that, we have DC’s Convergence winding up its short and quick Spring event as Marvel starts theirs with Secret Wars. If that wasn’t enough boom for your pleasure, we’ll finally find out who the new (lady) Thor is. It’s a whole new worlds that are coming our way.

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 012: J.AgamemOMNOMNOM

This week PTWOR’s own J.Agamemon returns as we learn the origin story of the site and podcasts, a little reminiscing, discuss our favorite Marvel and Image titles, chat about why DC’s lost their “rival” title against Marvel to Image, the crazy rumor about Marvel supposedly snubbing FOX by not publishing Fantastic Four titles (crazy right?), the now officially dubbed “Infinite Justice League Film Crisis of Infinite Craziness” (wonder which film that’s about…), and listen in as The Comic Bubble True or False Round 2 takes place! 

You Won’t Believe Who is in Deadpool’s Crosshairs

Not too long ago an even more psychotic (if you can imagine that) Deadpool from an alternative universe set out on a killing spree with the entire Marvel Universe on his hit list. This killing spree occurred in the mini-series Deadpool Kills the Marvel Universe, kick starting Cullen Bunn’s Deadpool Killology series. The second part of the Deadpool Killology, Deadpool Killustrated is in-stores now. In July, we’ll be treated to the four-issue conclusion, illustrated by Salva Espin, Deadpool Kills Deadpool. Literally.

The Comic Bubble: Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 4

Previously covered in Marvel NOW! Right NOW! Part 3, I went over Uncanny X-Men, which actually started in February, not January. My mistake on that. If anyone has Beast’s number (Furry, blue present-day Beast), let me know. I need to borrow his time platform so I can go back in time and fix this little error. Luckily, the space-time continuum isn’t affected. Hail Apocalypse, our great overlord! Now that that’s settled with, let’s go over the other titles released during February. Now these, I promised actually did come out that month.