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Marvel vs Capcom 4? Puh-lease…

Over the past weekend, rumors starting springing up through the stream monster community, accompanied with – or perhaps fueled by – an ominous, and rather awful-looking “4” which obviously meant Marvel vs Capcom 4 will be announced soon.  As extremely exciting as this sounds, I have my doubts this is even true. First of all, according to this article from Shoryuken, that ominous 4 you see above was fan-created.  As far as I’ve been able to dig up, any and all rumors begin off the appearance of this image almost a week ago, but was revealed early Monday morning to be fake by its creator.  You can catch a link to that reveal in the Shoryuken article.  Then yesterday, Polygon’s article pops up about 12 hours later, attempting to legitimize the claims, but I guess we won’t find out until the Playstation Experience event set for this weekend.  You know, according to their mysterious “multiple sources”.  If by multiple sources, they mean the internet, then I guess anything is reliable.   That comes to my second thought; why is this coming from “multiple sources”, instead of “Marvel insiders” or “sources close to the project”?  You know, a source I can…

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 046: Cast Walk

Casting news abound this week, both official and reportedly, as we finally find out who’s going to be Supergirl in the CBS show this fall. About time, am I right? Also find out who Marvel wants to be in the Doctor Strange movie alongside Benedict Cumberbatch, who’s going to be playing the young versions of Storm, Jean Grey, and Scott Summers in X-Men: Apocalypse and who WB is thinking of getting for the Rick Flagg role in Suicide Squad (spoiler alert: Jakey-G said ‘no thanks’). Plus stay tuned to see when Powers (finally) will debut on the Playstation Network and when the Deadpool movie will (yeah, actually) start filming. And more.

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 015: Reboots & Relaunches Need Not Apply

Rejoined by Peter Rivera, listen in to the rumor of Marvel getting relaunched/rebooted, as so said by a colorist, get into upcoming events from Marvel and DC, see what’s up from the comic-TV shows coming this and next year, as well as giving Nickelodeon’s TMNT show the love and affection it deserves and having another edition of Infinite Justice League Film Crisis of Infinite Craziness!