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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 102: Rebirth

The Comic Bubble Podcast is back! Returning just in time to let everyone know about Wakanda’s fall in the upcoming Black Panther series, a new Deadpool vs Gambit mini and the titles that will be part of DC’s Rebirth lineup (note: NOT reboot). Plus: stay tuned for Powerless casting, talking about the Daredevil trailers that were released,  the possible (and not official) Iron Fist casting and some non-spoilery thoughts on the Deadpool movie!  

Best of Nicole Marie Jean Cosplay

I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing Nicole Marie Jean at Alamo City Comic Con earlier this year. At the time I admittedly wasn’t all that familiar with her, but since then I’ve discovered just how incredible of a cosplayer she really is. On top of traveling to a different comic convention every week, whilst creating a new costume for each one, Nicole Marie Jean has a contagious energy and passionate which shines through her cosplay. Trust me, if you have the opportunity to meet her, and you’re not a fan already, you absolutely will become one!

Katybear Does Cammy Cosplay

KatyBear, as she’s known to the cosplay community, has always loved dressing up and after trying cosplay for the first time she was hooked. I’m sure that being born on Halloween couldn’t have hurt. KatyBear first started cosplaying two years ago, at the behest of her husband, after being inspired by what she saw at Con-Nichiwa in Tucson, Arizona. Her favorite cosplay, thus far, is her favorite character, Cammy. Cammy is also a favorite character of mine and hence why this week is dedicated to that Katybear’s Cammy cosplay!