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Best of Spencer Doe Cosplay

It’s a huge understatement to say that male cosplayers don’t get the same level of exposure as their female counterparts, and I myself am not exempt from this. That said, I’m not putting together this post simply to help balance the scale but because Spencer Doe has fantastic cosplays of some of my favorite characters namely Batman and Gambit!

Miss Sinister Does Sagat Cosplay

If you’re familiar with Miss Sinister then you know that she’s the embodiment of Rule 63. And I mean that in a good way. She has some of most stunning cosplays I’ve ever seen. When I first saw her Sagat cosplay, I did a double take because it was so spot on. In addition to Sagat she’s done cosplays of Taki from Soul Caliber, Wesker from Resident Evil, Pein and Orochimaru from Naruto and of course Miss Sinister from X-Men!

Best of Lindze A’la Mode Cosplay

Lindze A’la Mode is a cosplayer who lives in “the South” with her husband and daughter. When she’s not dressing up she works as a makeup artist for PixelettePhoto.com. Lindze A’la Mode cosplays for fun, loves video games, dorking out, kitties, hanging with her friends and cooking, among other things.

Best of Mariedoll Cosplay

Maria Romas, better known to the cosplay community as Mariedoll, is a professional model from Houston,Texas. In addition to her love of cosplay, she also I loves photography, dancing, modeling, anime, and videogames. She especially loves her two schnauzers to death! The professionalism of Mariedoll is apparent in every one of her photos, she’s more than a pretty face and really knows how to bring her characters to life. 

Ardella Does Power Girl Cosplay

Ardella is a cosplayer from Australia who just so happens to do a fantastic Power Girl cosplay. As you can clearly see, there’s absolutely no surprised as to why it’s her most famous cosplay. Ardella is also the host for the web show, “Planet of the Capes“, dedicated to the wonderful world of cosplay. It’s definitely worth giving a watch if for nothing else but hear her sweet accent!

Katybear Does Cammy Cosplay

KatyBear, as she’s known to the cosplay community, has always loved dressing up and after trying cosplay for the first time she was hooked. I’m sure that being born on Halloween couldn’t have hurt. KatyBear first started cosplaying two years ago, at the behest of her husband, after being inspired by what she saw at Con-Nichiwa in Tucson, Arizona. Her favorite cosplay, thus far, is her favorite character, Cammy. Cammy is also a favorite character of mine and hence why this week is dedicated to that Katybear’s Cammy cosplay!

The Ultimate Iron Man Fandom

It’s no big surprise that people love dressing up as their favorite characters. They spend painstaking hours fashioning costumes to do justice to their comic book counterparts. If you’ve seen the incredible Iron Man and War Machine replica suits making waves around the Internet then you’ve likely bared witness to the work of Anthony Le.