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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 114: Captain Marvel…ous News

We’re finally getting into Captain Marvel casting rumors this week with a possible in talks of Brie Larson. That’s gone over this week along with news of a Suicide Squad prequel comic, Arrow season 5 expectations, The Walking Dead set sightings and movies news with The Flash, Justice League, Fantastic Four mooooore!!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 084: NYCC 2015 Part Deux

It’s a big one this week as we cover the second half of the New York Comic Con news from Days 2 and 3! Frank Miller said what about Sin City? Marvel crossovers! Find out why you can’t keep a good lantern corp team down! All this plus more into Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, the announcements of two (yes TWO) X-Men TV shows that are really happening, how for a few hours everyone was hoping Marvel got the Fantastic Four movie rights back and so much more (than ever before)!!  

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 075: Fantastic Bore

We welcome back special guest Peter Rivera this week as we dish out, very harshly admittedly, on FOX’s Fantastic Four reboot. We also go on about Marvel’s Cinematic Universe of past and future, our excitement over Batman V Superman and geeking about how badass Batman is, talk about CW’s Arrow, Flash and the rest of their created and upcoming shows in their DCTV-U and much, much more!   [display_podcast]

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 074: To The Small Screen, My X-Men!

The biggest news from last week is that FOX is working on making an X-Men live-action TV show! Listen in as we dive into that, talk about the possibilities of it all and more! Plus, stay tuned for news on Agent Carter, CW’s The Flash and the Flarrow-Verse, and as always what’s going on with rumors and more in the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Also see why FOX’s third Fantastic Four is more like Fantastic Bore, news on the DCU online game and…wait… an Archie musical?! And don’t forget the key phrase: “and so much more!”

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 072: The Distinguished Competition

DC reigns supreme in this week’s episode with lots to go over on what’s happening in their TV shows including Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow casting news and why it’s likely we won’t be seeing Hal Jordan show up with Team Arrow anytime soon. Gotham peeks in with their own casting and Syfy adapting their own comic show. Marvel still has something to say with news on (more) Secret Wars delays, news on Avengers Blu Ray and so much more!!   [display_podcast]

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 056: In A Flash

Zoom! Zoom! Zoom! Flash is a big topic this week’s episode, reviewing what happened in the last episode and also going over the new trailer showcasing scenes from the rest of the season! Stay tuned for news on the return of the Fantastic Four title after Secret Wars, a new comic for all ages from Titan Comics, casting news for the Flash/Arrow spinoff team-up show, and much more including and update on Constantine’s fate on NBC! And if you want to know when you can expect the Batman v Superman trailer or the rating for the Deadpool film, find out here too!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 044: DC Nation

DC takes a major share of today’s episode with news on its TV shows, comics and more! Find out which latest Rogues member is coming to CW’s Flash, wether or not we’ll be seeing more of the Suicide Squad in Arrow (spoiler alert: the answer is yes) and a confirmation on Batman: Eternal “Season 2”. But wait! What’s this? Marvel isn’t shying out of the spotlight! Who’s Pietro and Wanda’s daddy? Deadpool’s going to die?! New Inhuman series? Fox announces Gambit solo movie officially with release date and moves Fantastic Four sequel date up, even though the first isn’t out yet and who knows how that will do? Daredevil finally has an official release date?!?! It’s like this episode is packed with all this and more! Oh wait! That’s because it is. 

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 041- From Rumors With Love

In a move that would make CTU from FOX’s 24 jealous, there’s a mole everywhere in the Marvel (comics) Universe! But who? And where exactly? You’ll have to listen to find out! And while you do that, stay and listen to what new pack is coming to Lego Batman 3, even more Marvel/Sony/Spider-Man news from the Sony e-mail leaks, casting news on Flash, grading all the comic-book shows at their mid-way point, plus more MCU news and more!