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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 103: Agents of R.E.N.E.W.A.L.

Exciting news this week with Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. getting renewed for another season as well as news of a new Star Wars comic coming out, synopsis coverage and more into the movies- especially dealing with the craziness surrounding Green Lantern! Hit play to find out more!

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 089: The Dark Knight Returns Again… Again

Frank Miller is planning on lots more stories in The Dark Knight Returns world including a fourth chapter into that saga and even an all-ages spinoff centered on Carrie Kelley! Also find out what’s up with Bryan Hitch’s Justice League of America comic (uh-oh…), new DC creative teams announced and Marvel soon to kill off a sort-of major character from their ranks? Spoiler alert: the answers is yes. Stay tuned as well for synopsis for mid-season finales, a possible date for Legends of Tomorrow, Neagan confirmed (yay!) and of course what’s the new rumors for the comic Hollywood side.     [display_podcast]

My Thoughts, Solicited: November 2015 Solicitations

The All-New, All-Different Marvel Universe keeps chugging along its new beginnings with more #1s as we welcome back the alternate future Dark Knight from Frank Miller. See what November holds in stores for comic fans as the end of the year approaches!  

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 084: NYCC 2015 Part Deux

It’s a big one this week as we cover the second half of the New York Comic Con news from Days 2 and 3! Frank Miller said what about Sin City? Marvel crossovers! Find out why you can’t keep a good lantern corp team down! All this plus more into Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, the announcements of two (yes TWO) X-Men TV shows that are really happening, how for a few hours everyone was hoping Marvel got the Fantastic Four movie rights back and so much more (than ever before)!!  

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 083: The JLA and NYCC

This week there’s news of a new Justice League of America animated series confirmed by Cartoon Network! Find out when you should expect it along with more Marvel series announcement and teases for upcoming works in 2016! More TV synopsis, a Boom comic optioned for the small screen, lots of news updates on Marvel’s Phase 3… and oh yeah! New York freaking Comic Con! There’s just Friday coverage here so you have to tune in next episode for the second parts, but for now, see what Day 1 news there is!!       [display_podcast]

The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 059: Marvelicious

Marvel domination! In a light-news week, Marvel still manages to dominate the news cycle with comics to games and TV to movies. With the House of Ideas announcing a new ongoing series by former wrestler CM Punk, find out what else happened elsewhere as DC officially announces Dark Knight Returns 3. Marvel’s big week continues with a new partnership with Telltale games, more with Netflix, big news for the Marvel Cinematic Universe. All that and more that includes what to expect in FOX’s Gotham season 2 and who joined the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles sequel in a classic villain role.

Why Ben Affleck is Neither the Batman We Need or Deserve; and Why The Internet is Fucking Stupid

    By now, I’m sure you’ve heard the “wonderful” news that Ben Affleck has been officially tapped to play Batman.  I want to say I lost sleep over this late-breaking news last night, but sadly, I average about 3-4 hours of daily sleep.  What the hell, let’s blame it on Affleck anyway!  I honestly don’t know where to start my rant, so let’s just begin with the naysayers nay-saying the naysayers.  Are you following me?  I’m talking about those internet savvy white knights of the internet who, like the vast majority of the internet, don’t necessarily agree with Warner Bros picking Ben Affleck as the new Batman, but don’t want to be hasty in their moment of displeasure.  It’s not because they’re afraid of being proven wrong, or for the sheer sport of argument.  No.  It’s only for the one reason I’ve aptly named “The Ledger Effect.” 

Expectations for Man of Steel Sequel: Batman Vs Superman

Like most Batman fans, when I first heard the announcement that Batman would be in the Man of Steel sequel I was overwhelmed with excitement. When I heard that the plot would revolve around Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns, specifically Batman laying the smack down on Superman, I don’t need to tell you just how ecstatic I felt.