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Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble – Week of 3/2

Welcome back to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews! Comics for this week: Black Widow #1 and Old Man Logan #3!

The Comic Bubble Podcast: Episode 039 – Something Doomsday This Way Comes

We officially know who’s playing Doctor Strange for the Marvel Cinematic Universe! Listen to what my thoughts are on that and other MCU news! Also listen on coverage for the Hawkeye series getting delayed yet again (at least it’s not as bad as Kevin Smith’s Daredevil: Target. Just sayin’…), some talk on the Batman: Arkham Knight game and my wild theory on who the Arkham Knight could be, a possible actress for the Supergirl CBS series along with Flash/Arrow chatter, too! And stay to find out if we’ll get a third installment in Miller’s Dark Knight Returns series, who’s Jessica Jones, who COULD be Luke Cage, plus so. Much. More!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 033: Age of Bubbletron

Due to last minute plans, Amuro Jay will be joining us next week! But fret not, for there is still comic-y goodness to talk about! Especially the “leaked” Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer that became “official” an hour later! Andy Serkis as Ulysses Klaw maybe? Hawkeye gets a relaunch while Cain Marko seeks to be the Unstoppable Juggernaut once more! X-Men gets a new writer and new characters announced for Lego Batman 3! Make sure to listen for who Keanu Reeves would’ve loved to play in the comic world, what Lady Gaga owns with her newly bought mansion, plus news on Arrow casting, a house for sale and more!

The Comic Bubble Podcast Episode 030: Wizard World Bubble

Prometheus and Amuro, you know, the other guys from this site and Straight Outta Austin, return again this week with tales of Wizard World Austin! Cosplays and meetings! Prints and signings! They also join in on chatter about characters that were almost cancelled, characters that are getting canceled, and characters that will be…because of death! Plus, DMC from RUN DMC is now a comic publisher with same name imprint and series! An update on the whole Marvel/FOX/F4/X-Men debacle! News on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Flash, Arrow and a rumor of who was said to be Luke Cage! All that with an icing of Y: The Last Man movie news and more on the MCU! Why are you still reading this? GO LISTEN!!  

The Comic Bubble: Diamond Retailer Summit News

    Last weekend, Diamond had their annual retailer summit in Las Vegas and earlier this week a few big announcements were made. Just about all of them, save one, was for Marvel comics, but still pretty interesting tidbits. 

First Look at The Avengers’ Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver

We’ve been teased with the concept art of The Avengers‘ Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver for the upcoming Avengers: Age Of Ultron. Now we’re actually getting to several pictures of Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen) and Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) on set. There’s even a little bit of bonus Hawkeye for you Clint Barton fans out there. 

My Thoughts, Solicited: March 2014 Solicitations – DC & Marvel

  Happy new year, Punchers! ’Tis a new year with more surprises in store for all in the coming months from both Marvel and DC. This year we’re starting off with another two-in-one special of both Marvel and DC highlights in one pack! Contain your excitement and save it for the comics to make sure you keep an ear to the ground to… or rather – an eye to the page in this case!  

My Thoughts, Solicited: July 2013 Comic Solicitations- Marvel

Marvel’s setting up a very hot summer for comics and here’s a low-down of some of the books you’ll want to keep on your radar. Let them set up the delicious dishes for you to om-nom-nom all over.