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The Comic Bubble Podcast – Episode 129: The Long (New York) Con

2016’s New York Comic-Con has come and gone, but don’t worry if you couldn’t attend or missed some news! All the big highlights from the con’s Friday and Saturday news are covered including Marvel officially announcing the return of Richard Rider! Dynamite coming in with their own news on The Spirit, a revamped Vampirella and a James Bond spinoff mini series! Plus: news on Iron Fist! The Punisher! The Defenders, which includes the surprise announcement of the main villain! And of course news on movies from The Wolverine to The Batman!

Comic Reviews with The Comic Bubble: Week of 8/12

Welcome to another weekly roundup of Ice’s comic reviews!   Comics for this week: Batman #43, Howard The Duck #5, and Descender #6!

My Thoughts, Solicited: August 2015 Solicitations

As summer goes on, it gets hotter and the same thing can be said for comics! Great series continue to be great, old favorites come back again, some in new forms (that being comics, of course) and new things that are just awesome from the get-go. See what the look-out books for August are and make sure to grab ’em when they come out!  

My Thoughts, Solicited – March 2015 Solicitations

Ok so yes, March is just about over with, but don’t let that fact mean this month’s MTS can’t still be a helpful guide! Maybe you didn’t make it to the comic shop yet or you’re not sure what to get (I know that’s a bit of a stretch, but humor me). DC gets ready to converge their multiverse as Marvel begins new series that are definitely worth your dollar. These are must haves for your collection and incredible indie books that will take you for an unforgettable ride. What’s looking good this month? Take a look…