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The FGC and Its Bad Habits

    By now, I’m sure many of you reading this understand the relevancy of the title, and the hot button issues that have sprung as of late.  I came across an interesting article this morning by Giant Bomb writer, Patrick Klepek, which shed some much needed light on the subject of collusion and it’s lengthy history.  I really applaud the article for it’s content and clarification on collusion within the FGC, along with incredible and undeniable evidence that dates back as far as 2004.  That’s something you don’t get from Kotaku and IGN.  Now naysayers have no leg to stand on, just their own ignorance. 

MTR Behind The Mic: Punching The Walls of Reality

Two thirds of the Straight Outta Austin! and Save File Corrupted?! crew, Prometheus and Agamemnon, had the honor of being interviewed by Rich of My Take Radio. Rich is a damn polished interviewer and excellent podcast host in his own right.

Save File Corrupted?!: Episode 11 – Enter PS4

  Sony fired the first shot in the Console War with its PS4-less conference. In episode 11 of Save File Corrupted?!, we gab about all of the PS4’s bits and pieces, save for the PS4 itself, of course. Still, there’s much to discuss such as; the ins and outs of the Dual Shock controller, Team Ico’s Last Guardian, how ‘useful’ the Six Axis was, how everyone having mics will effect the PS4’s online experience, trolling on PlayStation Home, backward compatibility, Kill Zone 4, Naughty Dog’s approval, and how much that conference needed KB, that’s Kevin Butler for you noobs.

Sexism in Video Games; And Why IGN has it Wrong…

I recently stumbled upon IGN, as I casually do every couple weeks, to see what nonsense they’re propagandizing this time around. As my day goes about, I find another bland “top ten” list or “5 reasons why blah blah, blah blah’s,” and then I stumble upon a gem . I urge you to read as it is actually quite an interesting take on the subject of sexism, however a bit misguided. It’s not the tone that I found ridiculous, rather it’s attempt at defining misogyny and how women in video games are portrayed with all the sanctity of a rub rag. Squarely, I take insult at the jab of one of my favorite characters in video games, Ivy Valentine. To be fair, Spaniards love gold and absolutely relish the fur trade…