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Straight Outta Austin!: Episode 104 – Punched into Coins!

In this episode of Straight Outta Austin! we sit down with Uncle Staple who gives us the scoop on this year’s STAPLE! Independent Media Expo! If we weren’t excited about STAPLE! already (And we sure as hell were!), hearing from Uncle Staple himself has us practically foaming at the mouth! After we say goodbye to Uncle Staple, we dive into the Comic-Movie-verse and discuss the topic that’s been on everybody’s mind, Michael B. Jordan rumored to play Cyborg! I kid, I kid, we talk Guardians of the Galaxy and everything that we loved about it! We also discuss the Black Widow solo film, Dr. Strange rumors, Scott Pilgrim, The Walking Dead, The Raid: Redemption American remake, and the return of Heroes! [powerpress]  Download the interview only.

PTWoR Presents: Justin Piatt of Unlikely Heroes Studios

Justin Piatt, along with co-creator and artist Zack Dolan, have created something truly extraordinary with their comic book, Super! They’ve managed to make the Superhero genre feel fresh again through both parody and homage to the super heroes we all grew up with. We were very fortunate to be able to pry Justin anyway from his tireless work on Super! to pick his brain about how Super! all came about and where it’s going.

Help Kickstart more Super!

  Super! is already two issues deep, with issue 3 releasing later this month, but Unlikely Heroes Studios wants to do more and they need your help! They’ve launched a Kickstarter this month so that they can continue to publish the comic that we’ve grown to love while rewarding supporters with some awesome goodies for their contribution! Backers can receive anything from action figures, signed trade paperbacks, mini posters, a Blood Death hoodie, original artwork and even a chance to appear in Super!

Wizard World Austin ’13 – Uncle Staple! Interview

I ran into Uncle Staple! himself, the founder of the Staple! Independent Media Expo at this year’s Wizard World Austin. It was interesting to speak with him and learn about the expo that’s been showcasing independent creators going on 10 years. If there’s a convention out there that absolutely deserves your support it’s this one!

Alamo City Comic Con – Dan Price and Bonn Adame of Masters of the Obvious Interview

At this year’s Alamo City Comic Con we caught up with the creative minds behind Masters of the Obvious, Dan Price and Bonn Adame! Masters of the Obvious is a weekly web comic, published by Houndcomics, filled with wacky adventures and an amusing cast of characters. If you give it a shot, I’d be surprised if you didn’t become a fan. In a nutshell, if the idea of traversing the universe in a flying toaster doesn’t get you excited, then you’re likely to not a pulse.

Latex Avenger 24-hour Comic – Review

This special issue of Latex Avenger is a product of 24-Hour Comics Day. Which, you guessed it, is a comic book which is conceived within a 24-Hour time frame. To accomplish such a feat several different artists worked on the issue including Devin Lawson, Bonn Adame, Shane Campos, Barry Comp, Michael Mauro and Dan Price. Devin Lawson handled the cover art, while Latex Avenger creator, Dan Price and Barry Comp shared writing duties for the issue.  With so many artists all drawing a single issue you may be tempted to assume that what they produced was chaotic and directionless, because too many cooks spoil the broth, right?